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Christmas decorating, stories, crafts, printables, fun, games, traditions, recipes, cards, quotations, songs, poems, Santa photos from Deborah Whipp and family.

Provides patterns to print and cut.

Videos, FAQs, and a discussion forum regarding many aspects of Christmas lights.

Computerized holiday display of the Parcell family of Geneva, Illinois.

The Pickett's Christmas Display located in Colorado Springs, CO. Includes photos and information from 2002 on plus links to other sites.

Christmas Land display in Livonia, Michigan, USA. Includes history, photos, videos, and how-tos.

Greg and Diane Young of Holland NY. Includes home made decorations, animated figures, and lights synchronized to music over low-power FM radio station.

Animated Christmas light display located in San Diego, California.

Christmas light display in Land O Lakes, Florida.

A computer controlled Christmas light show in Pleasanton, California.

Light show for Christmas holidays in Waconia, Minnesota.

A grouping of various pictures with associated commentary that allows user voting.

Holiday search engine that features visitor reviews and ratings.

The Christmas Village of the City of Liège (Village de Nöel) in Belgium.

Collecting toys for kids by towers and tow truck companies. Annul tow truck parade takes place in November. Joliet, IL, US.

Christmas countdown information and widget.

Free MP3 Christmas music, sound effects, clip art, stories, and gift ideas.

Traditional Christmas songs in midi format available for free download.

Printable Christmas lyrics and MIDI songs. Also animated stories, interactive fun and games, all-occasion gift guides, and free Internet greeting cards.

Lyrics to about 100 Christmas carols and seasonal songs in basic text format for easy downloading.

Features, the Christmas Story and the words to Christmas music. For the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, PC and Mac.

A list of articles about Christmas and why it's bad.

Santa Claus origins, history and legend.

Free printable letters, envelopes and certificates from Santa Claus, in PDF format. Christmas stories and ecards.

Offers a history of the holiday along with printable crossword puzzles and word searches.

Excerpts from Mary J. Andrade's book give a history of the holiday.

Includes list of year-round programs and links to sales sites.

Offers activities and projects to help help celebrate in their neighborhoods; lists ideas and resources.

Lets visitors roll a virtual Easter egg, learn about egg decorating, or send a virtual card.

Brief history of the spring festival.