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Documenting some of the more amusing misuses of the English language.

A large collection of strange, unusual and interesting patents on the web.

Online stapler simulation. Requires Flash.

Generate convincing sounding stage names to launch a singing career. Also links to name generators for other musical styles.

Dedicated to the Bobs of this world and the people who love them.

Find a new friend, or a delicious and exotic meal. Spoof e-commerce site.

See the webmaster expressing various emotions, ranging from the mundane to the bizarre.

Strange animations, videos, and original pictures.

Database of image macros, demotivational posters and captioned images, searchable by keyword.

The place for a quick laugh at some hilarious pictures. QuickLol has funny pictures, videos, animated .GIF images.

Entertaining pictures, gifs and videos found on the internet, collected on a daily basis and easy to follow via social media.

Funny demotivational and motivational pictures

A place to upload facial photographs to an editing team who will make them look ridiculous.

The adventures of a little green Hidamari no Tami (also known as Sunny People or Nohohon) and his friends.

Linguistic contortions, weird and wonderful words, plus quotations.

Created specifically for Scrabble players, a downloadable English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows.

Art gallery quality lettering that pushes the envelope of the ambigram art form

A place to create custom ambigrams and designs and an ambigram generator.

Online generator which will deal with long phrases.

Palindromes in English, Dutch, Latin, Swedish and Welsh plus palindromic poems and computer programs.

The main feature is a palindrome of the day, wherein the viewer is tested to create a palindrome

Primarily a site with puns, punny cartoons, and a forum on puns. Also includes links, webrings and some wordplay. Accepts submissions.

Daffynitions from the Big Gotham.

Provides listings of events in the United States. Includes links.

Discussion group for visitors to Kitelife. Topics range from current kiting subjects to bi-monthly issues of Kitelife, history, fun and tips.

Held annually on the first weekend in March. Includes a list of teachers and classes, photos, and instructor application and raffle forms. Located in Port Townsend, Washington, United States.

Kite aerial photography gallery by Gerke Visser, Rene van der Werff and friends.

KAPing at the geographic South Pole.

Photo portfolio of Miron Bogacki. On page you can view landscapes, pictures form the air, nature, wildlife and travel photography. Photos taken in Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Ireland, Iceland, Peru, Venezuela and others...

Busy web magazine with news and information on all types of kite flying.