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Find staff, events, downloads and resources.

Organizes educational meetings about locks and picking. Includes membership information, chapters and equipment.

Discuss CNC machining, Cad/cam software, home machining, and provides a large photo gallery, and product reviews.

Includes kit reviews, a gallery of completed models, historical notes, and construction articles.

A club of about 140 members featuring all aspects of model ship building including static models and radio control divisions in scale, sail, gas and fast electric.

Fast electric R/C boats. They are a family team that builds and races electric boats.

UK based retailer of ship models kits. Has a selection of kits.

Specialist in the US Navy. Sell plans, books,photos,kits and fittings. Wide range of scales.

Chronicles the construction of a 1/32 scale RC replica of Disney's Nautilus.

Show calendar, links to shops and museums worldwide, and photos of a 6-day workshop.

Comment on events, news and real life.

Free jokes, cartoons, funny stories and humor for everyone to enjoy.

Observations and simple truths concerning human-kind.

The world of Rob Turkington, president of the industry.

Online pranks and funny pictures. Also includes a webring.

Visitors can share and discuss pranks, arrange into categories and rated for effectiveness.

Intelligence quiz, designed to be emailed to others.

Episodic online TV show featuring pranks and mischief that is slightly cleaner and less violent than Jackass.

Videos of pranks, public embarrassment and general misbehavior.

Official site of The Jerky Boys. Contains audio and video clips of calls plus merchandise.

Quotations from the famous, listed by author and topic.

Rated quotes and sayings arranged by category, subject, author, and rank. Includes free homepage tools, mailing list, and downloads.

Humorous quotes about dogs listed in different dog related themes and categories.

Quotes on various topics, arranged in categories.

Sharing fun stories about mother-in-laws.

Bogus news featuring fun and games, pranks and tricks, and stories.

Commentary on celebrities, events and current affairs.

A directory of unintended web humor. Features religious, the arts, the office, and the news.

Animated mockery of current events and opinions. Features top stories, forum and sneak previews.

Contains short stories, including wildebeests, cornbread stealing ghosts and an alcoholic teddy bear named Fromage Boudreaux that hires hookers, steals cars/planes, and eats rice. The content is updated daily.