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Information on monthly matches for Cowboy Action, IDPA, IPSC, and Tactical shooting in Breckenridge, Texas.

We teach and promote firearm safety and develop the skills, attitude and knowledge needed to successfully compete in the Junior Olympics and train towards the Olympics, plus general competitive shooting and good sportsmanship training.

Practice and competition club for shooting of trap, skeet, and trench. Contains overviews of the different styles as well as a safety section.

Clubhouse and range supports rifle, pistol and archery with a variety of shooting scenarios and target distances. Includes schedules and upcoming events at its range in Aylmer, Ontario Canada.

Indoor shooting range for qualified members and guests. Features eight, 50 foot lanes, shooting leagues, club events, photos, and a newsletter in Acushnet, Massachusetts.

Offers handgun and rifle ranges, sporting clays, and a 4 stand sporting clay range. Guntersville, Alabama.

Outdoor rifle, pistol and trap thrower facilities. Includes map and information about season passes and about becoming a range officer. Located north of Slidell, Louisiana in the Honey Island Swamp.

Outdoor range areas for pistol, skeet, trap, and archery. Features leagues, and association news and events. Hugo, Minnesota.

Outdoor skeet, rifle, and pistol facilities. Hosts league and firearms instruction in Cypress, Texas.

Ten 100-yard indoor lanes. Offers NRA firearm and concealed handgun license classes. Austin, Texas.

Indoor pistol range and gun shop. Includes events calendar, information about classes and range hours and fees. Spokane, Washington.

Rifle, pistol, archery and paintball activities in Redmond. Includes membership and registration.

A professional, personalized service for those interested in home/business protection, concealed carry, target shooting/hunting or armed guard employment.

Articles, data, laws, and products for legally armed citizens.

Advocacy group for concealed carry provides information and resources about U.S. firearm laws and instructions on how to obtain a concealed firearm permit.

Ammunition, barrels, bead blasting, blueing, bullets, cases, cleaning, gauges, gunpowder, gunsmithing, reblueing, reloading, and supplies.

Hornady, Lyman, MEC, Multi-Scale Charge, Ltd., Pattern Control, Ponsness Warren, Powder, Primers, RCBS, and Wads.

Offers powder, primers, brass, bullets, reloading equipment, tools, and dies Leupold scopes.

Sedalia, MO.

Custom varmint rifle bullet maker and manufacturer for reloaders of 17 caliber, 19 caliber, and 22 caliber. Features double hollowpoint and slick silver coating. Also makes 19 Hornet and 19-223 re-barrel kits.

A light weight powdered synthetic lubricating gun filler for all ammunitions!

Product information, online sales, and technical support.

Information on the rare Dunbar reloading press manufactured by the Dunbar Glass Company. Information on the press and links to parts and supplies.

Description of a program which calculates trajectories of objects through the atmosphere.

Resources related to the Mossberg 44US distributed by the Civilian Marksmanship Program including FAQ, history, common problems and solutions, and links.

All about Beretta firearms. Includes a history of the Beretta model 92 series, Beretta's exploded Views, Beretta's Owner's Manuals.

Quail, partridge and pheasant hunting, sporting clays, dog training and training grounds, 3D archery, pro shop, and meeting rooms.

Species available for out-of-season shooting, native game, lodging, dining, and photos.

The most important Clay target manufacturer of Europe. First manufacturer of automatic propeller shooting machines.

Nerf site featuring community forums, comics, articles, reviews, modifications, homemades, links, and multimedia gallery.