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Sacramento-based group of musicians, dancers, and actors. Includes information about interactive theater, a list of some songs performed, scores and links.

Richard Maritzer, Shelby Bond and Phil van Hest perform Shakespearean satire, such as Romeo and Juliet, version 2.0. Newsletter, schedule, discussion board and photo gallery. [Requires Flash]

Reenactment group of fencers and actors based in California. General variety shows and stage combat; demonstrations and instruction of foil, epee, sabre and rapier. Photo gallery.

Fully costumed and equipped, the Beefeater living history exhibition group guard and patrol the grounds; biographies and photos.

A New England based troupe that offers live steel combat, fire acts, games, puppetry, dancers, and miniature siege weapons. Includes videos.

An online community enamoured with pirates. Includes a forum and some images.

Military re-enactment unit of the 78th Highlanders at the Halifax Citadel. Includes history and information about the regiment as well as the 3rd Brigade - Royal Artillery, music school details, membership, and photographs.

The Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe, NM has the Segasser Hide Paintings on display. This is the only place on the web where I've found any representations of these important 1720 drawings. Click on the thumbnail to bring up a bigger picture.

The Ranch of the Swallows, a Spanish Colonial living history museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Soldados (1820 or so) and Colonial civilians can be seen in the pictures.

La Purisima Mission State Historic Park contains the eleventh of twenty-one Spanish Missions established in Alta California. This site shows off through some picture tours (Java) the location and events of interest to Spanish Colonial reenactors, along with schedules of events.

A uniformed historical society representing a union battery of light artillery during the American civil war.

The Leon Rifles are American Civil War reenactors who have formed an organization that does Living History as a hobby. We have no political ties and have no political agenda. Our unit, based in Tallahassee and North Florida, does this strictly because we enjoy history and enjoy each others company.

Dedicated to the history of the 45th Illinois (Washburne Lead Mine Regiment) and the 5th Georgia (Irish Volunteers). Includes history, re-enactment photos, news, and schedule.

Companies A, C, and H. Non-profit living history organization portrays one of the units of the famed Irish Brigade.

Dedicated to honoring and preserving the history of the first regiment of the Irish Brigade. Located in the Greater New York metropolitan area. History, event schedule, member information, and photos.

Participates in reenactments in the Carolinas and Virginia. Features a roster of the original unit and battle history, photos, requirements for membership, a calendar of events and a newsletter.

Provides staff, history, events, forum, and other information.

Re-enactment organization concentrating on South Carolina units. Image gallery, member units, events schedule, contact and membership information.

Military reenactment company based in central California. Includes a history of the regiment, images, events and a membership form.

Details history of the 55th VA and the recreated UK unit specialising in a high degree of authenticity.

A non-profit, tax-exempt Civil War living history organization located on the west coast in the state of Oregon.

Features reenactor group profiling the Upshur Grays that were organized during the Civil War in West Virginia.

Reenactment unit based in the Richmond-Petersburg area. A family-friendly unit that welcomes ladies, civilians, and long-distance members. Unit history, photos, upcoming events.

Northern California non-profit organization committed to Civil War education; living history for the public, including military encampments, battles, and lectures.

Largest juried show in the Midwest devoted to pre-1890 living history supplies, accouterments and related crafts. The event attracts over 270 craftsman and dealers throughout the US.

A Living History group dedicated to preserving and recreating frontier Ohio (1780-1810), sponsoring reenactments of frontier Ohio events at George Rogers Clark Park, including The Fair at New Boston.

Designers and suppliers of historical clothing and Witney Blankets for reenactors, pow-wow enthusiasts, plays, the film industry, and for those who want a western flair to their wardrobe.

Supplier of elk and deerskin bags for the muzzleloader/buckskinner as well as deer,elk, and moose antlers for craftsmen, collectors, and taxidermists. Also supplies elk and deer leather for craftsmen and mountainmen.

A retail site for flintlock firearms, powder horns, primitive knives, leather goods and many other early American items of interest to the reenactor or living historian.

1880's Old West reenactment group from southern California.