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Directory of newspaper and broadcasting news sources, organized by continent, country, type and frequency.

Search news headlines from thousands of sources. Articles also grouped by topic. Updated hourly.

Provides links to stories from the more unusual sources such as Science Daily, United Nations News Center and the British Red Cross Blog.

Continuously updated headlines categorized by source region and media type. Free news feeds for commercial and personal use.

Breaking stories from a variety of sources, providing business, sports, politics and entertainment updates.

Lists stories of arrests around the world.

Supplies links to stories with categories covering business, entertainment and health.

Latest stories from rss feeds around the world.

Provides a list of Europe-relevant stories.

Provides links to stories for towns or cities, mainly in the United States.

Runs top international stories and provides videos from other news sites.

Academic thesis about the usage patterns and information needs of journalists who are using the Internet.

Describes objectives for The Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education. An organization dedicated to training journalists of all ethnic and racial groups.

International organization providing journalism educators relevant links to resources to help them create, revise or improve their web-based courses. The AEJMC exists to promote standards for education in journalism and mass communication.

The group focuses on maintaining high standards in the coverage of minorities, sex crimes, anonymous sources, invasion of privacy; plagiarism, conflicts of interest, and other ethical issues.

Media safety network promoting the provision of safety training, materials and assistance to journalists and media staff. Mission statement and a list of supporting organisations.

TV News insiders dish the dirt on America's television newsrooms.(Subscription based.)

A knowledge bank with articles on sport written by media professionals and leading experts. Prime focus on globalised sports and media coverage.

FOIA consultants who assist in crafting and executing FOIA requests.

Includes annotated bibliography of legal cases, scholarly papers, and articles concerning First Amendment and intellectual property Internet law issues. The 200 court cases are explained succinctly. Also includes many citations from the print media.

Barcelona-based freelance travel writer and photographer who writes about travel in Catalonia, Barcelona, and the Pyrenees, Spanish fashion, and Catalan culture. Associated Press stringer for Catalonia.

An article by Amanpour on why she became a journalist. Includes links to videos of interviews she's given.

A list of articles and books by the Jamaican journalist Morris Cargill who wrote for the newspaper Jamaican Gleaner for over 45 years. He died in the year 2000.

Presenter and journalist focusing on TV and Radio.

Journalist covering the business of media arts, production, manufacturing, distribution and related issues globally.

Portfolio of articles covering international development, business and travel. Also teaches journalism at New York University.

Travel writer and photographer based in London presenting features agency and photolibrary.

Press and journalist directory. Sample and presentation of each journalist. Free homepage for any freelance journalist.

Journalist who writes about film, the arts, travel, and music for the Chicago Tribune. Article archive and news.

A reporter's journal. Biography, news assignments and stories of a Emmy award winning television journalist.