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Online cookbook of popular Kashmiri dishes with introduction to the food culture, by S. S. Kaul Kilam and Shyam Rani Kilam.

Description of Kerala's traditional food culture.

Small collection of recipes provided by Bali Online.

Japanese recipe blog featuring hundreds of simple recipe instructions with photos and video tutorials.

Sushi recipes, tips, and supplies. Includes a sushi photo gallery.

Teaches how to make sushi at home, also includes many sushi and sashimi recipes and garnish tutorials.

About sushi: articles, restaurants reviews and recipes.

Award-winning Canadian TV-host and chef serves up recipes with cooking tips on Southeast Asian cuisine.

A comprehensive collection of recipes, food photos and ingredient glossaries.

Four recipes and list of restaurants in Thailand.

Thai cooking class shares recipes that include spicy prawn soup and mango sticky rice.

Thai recipes organized by preparations, dishes, ingredients, and origin.

Waraporn shares food recipes with pictures and Thai culinary culture.

Recipe blog explains food preparations with step-by-step pictures. Features pantry.

Online cookbook with large number of recipes from pilafs and kebabs to non and choi.

Description of traditional dishes such as non, plov, and sumalak.

Aruban recipe of the month and recipe archive.

English versions of recipes cooked by Anna, Sarah, Johanna and Robert Entner of Austria, and published on their German site. Emphasizes Austrian cooking. Includes photographs.

Information about the pasty's migration from Cornwall to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, as well as numerous pasty recipes.

The cream tea is considered the regional dish of Devon.

Ranging from drop scones and tablet to melting moments and whisky toddy.

A collection of recipe from the Alsace.

French traditional and other recipes with an emphasis on photographs, in PDF format. French, English and Chinese. Includes a forum.

Recipes and gourmet products from France.

Small collection of recipes such as Graff Dracula, Spaetzle, and Wurstsalat.

About twenty recipes, such as Tzaziki, Souvlaki, and Baklava.

A collection of recipes, including main courses and desserts.

A website dedicated to exploring Greek food, culture, and Greek-inspired dishes.

This is the collection of authentic and traditional Greek food recipes from a Greek chef with over 30 years experience. All recipes on this website have been been cooked and tasted.

Recipe of the month, from the book. Also has a weblog and a newsletter.