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Recipes, photography, and commentary from a Southern foodie and her husband. Houston, Texas.

Donald Russell. Royal Warrant holding Scottish butcher.

Stephanie Hann. Part cowgirl, part Indian. Food blogging and recipes. Kansas City, KS

Cookbook reviews, recipes, restaurant reviews, and musings on life in New York and Paris from freelance journalist and novelist Ann Mah.

A journal about understanding the food we eat. Food explained.

Step-by-step recipes and cooking tips to give readers confidence in the kitchen. Nick Evans, Denver, CO.

This site features easy-to-follow, seasonal recipes, wine recommendations and entertaining tips for the home cook and foodie. Alyce Eyster, Houston, TX.

A food/ cooking blog by a southern Mom that focuses on everyday recipes, with the occasional gourmet twist. Shea Goldstein, Helena, AL.

Recipes and food. Maureen in Australia.

Food blog, recipes, restaurant reviews and travel. Jeff and Ann, a Malaysian Chinese married couple in the UK.

Eating, drinking, and living from food blogger, Jenny Miller. USA.

Tutorials, with photographs, of baking techniques and recipes by pastry chef, cook book author, Zoe Francois. Minneapolis.

Carrying on a tradition of good food, serving up comfort food with flair. Jean P.

A photo collection of recipes, cooking, baking, kitchen adventures, food industry and media news created by a community of food lovers from amateur home cooks to professional chefs.

Online community to share ethnic and traditional family recipes.

A lifetime collection of African recipes presented by a native Liberian. Includes instructions, personal experiences, and insights into African cultures.

Small collection of recipes such as Hassaa (Gravy) and Ghreyba (Butter Cookies).

Easy-to-follow Moroccan recipes

Recipes for vegetarian and meat dishes, desserts, and condiments.

Burmese recipes, with notes about ingredients and substitutions and articles about Burmese life.

About a dozen popular recipes, with some general remarks on Burmese cooking.

Chinese style cooking done with the entire family.

A Filipino food blog with pictures to help in preparing the many featured recipes.

All about Philippine cuisines, culinary, kitchen artistry and recipes.

Indian cuisine and culture made easy in the United States.

Collection of recipes from the west coast of India. Includes chutneys, kuswar, rice dishes, salads, and snacks.

Indian food weblog with niche recipes of Konkani/Konkan and South Indian.

Database of Indian recipes classified by course, main ingredient, technique, or region. Users can rate or submit recipes.

Indian recipes, including scientific names and systematic positions of recipe ingredients.

Manju Malhi's recipes for fast unfussy Indian food; features British Indian recipes as well as the classics.