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Collection of free recipes with a focus on quick and simple meal ideas

Recipes classified by ingredients, with an emphasis on health. Includes discussion boards.

Presents user-submitted recipes classified by main ingredient, ethnicity, and other criteria.

Culinary site with recipes, articles, a weblog, and a message board.

Food and other recipes, listed mainly by course, main ingredient, or occasion. User recipes accepted. Includes a mailing list to receive recipes by email.

Recipe database. Users can submit recipes. Includes a forum.

Find and rate low calorie, healthy recipes. Use the recipe calculator to find the calories, carbs, fat, and protein in your recipes.

Large collection of recipes from the grocery chain.

Recipes from some historical cookbooks, classified by source as well as some less usual categories. Also displays most popular and random recipes.

A directory of recipe indexes categorized by region and ethnicity.

Offers a wide array of recipes, including sample recipes from cookbooks. Also contains daily menus, news, and shopping links.

A collection from various sources of recipes provided by popular personalities. Indexed by celebrity name and by recipe name.

Personal recipe weblog emphasizing a variety of national styles.

Presents recipes and culinary techninques from Lucy Waverman's food columns in Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper and the LCBO's Food and Drink magazine.

Two collections of recipes.

A collection of recipes.

A weblog of culinary experiences: recipes, reviews, and food writing from a Philadelphia kitchen.

Product support for recipe database, meal planner, nutrition analyser, and grocery shopping manager for Windows.

Home Recipe Databases, Japanese Font Solutions and CD Libraries.

Site offers information on the subject.

Made with salt, dry mustard, sugar, lemon, pepper, white wine vinegar, light oil, olive oil, Worcester sauce, garlic, and egg.

Soybean soups, broccoli cream soup, string beans meatballs soup, beef stew, and gumbo, all low carb recipes for crockpot cooking.

Also known as bai-zhou, it is a multi-purpose dish used as a baby food and for those recovering from illness.

Conversational-style recipe using garlic, potatoes, and fillets.

Uses onion, red pepper flakes, Tabasco sauce, and chicken broth.

Combines garlic, herbs, and tomatoes in chicken broth.

Presents a full and simple recipe.

Chicken soup with matzoh balls using cabbage and carrots.

Tofu cubes with Hondashi and green onion.