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Articles about HDTV technology with product reviews.

Guide to choosing and using digital video camcorders, desktop video capture, editing and video output systems.

Stephen Dawson provides information on home entertainment equipment and software, often from an Australian and Asian product line perspective.

Weblog about gadgets deemed cute.

Hands on reviews of iPhone 5 cases, covers, and accessories

In-depth reviews and news about consumer electronics and portable gadgets written by a female user/owner of said devices.

Guide to help cooks, chefs and consumers become familiar with saffron. Includes glossary, purchasing tips, and recipes.

Information on all types of additives and E numbers used in both the manufacture and preservation of foodstuffs, chemicals used to grow food, and the effects that these substances have upon people and their environment.

Discusses advantages of buying from local sources and community level map.

Offers ratings and reviews on a variety of ice cream products.

Provides reviews of packaged food. Judges conduct blind taste tests on gourmet and supermarket items, and rate the products.

Visitor submitted prices of beer throughout the world.

Offers household tips about cleaning, gardening, health and beauty, laundry, money saving, organization, pets, and time saving.

Provides product reviews, articles and advice about products to control allergies, asthma or sinus problems.

Information pertaining to how moisture and pH effect concrete floors and floor coverings.

Helps organizations implement child passenger safety training programs.

Detailed information from a child passenger safety technician.

Product information on Pine-Sol cleaning products. Coupons and promotions and FAQs.

Provides ironing, cleaning and gardening tips, craft projects, and company information.

Consumer information focused on cleaning with Arm and Hammer baking soda products. Includes tips, FAQs, contests and promotions.

A center for research on interior furnishings, decorating and architecture.

Lists detailed information about the distinctive qualities and features of memory foam mattresses, and provides reviews of several memory foam mattress brands.

A guide focused on helping the consumer to avoid overpaying for a mattress and to be more informed so as not be taken advantage of by high-pressure sales tactics.

Contains tips for the homeowner on remodelling in the home as well as cost estimate worksheets.

Product information about Wisk laundry detergent. Sites includes laundry basics, fabric are tips, stain solutions, and FAQs.

Fabric refreshener and odor remover. Product and consumer information, including FAQs, section on how it works, pet care, and fabric care tips.

Product information, history and tips, and alternative uses.

Provides purchasing decision advice, consumer reviews, and alerts on alarm companies.

Alliant Energy presents information on energy efficiency, safety, and home comfort. Topics include purchasing guides for energy-efficient products, energy basics, success stories, electrical, gas, and storm safety. Also information about the television program.

Diamond buying advice. Includes facts about the origins of diamonds and how the stones progress from rough to cut.