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A charitable, social service agency established to address community, individual, and family needs related to epilepsy.

Statewide voluntary agency dedicated to serving people with epilepsy and their families, affiliated with the national Epilepsy Foundation.

As part of the ongoing community education and outreach programs, the foundation seeks to communicate with all persons who have seizure disorders.

Dedicated to the prevention and cure of seizure disorders, the elevation of their effects, and the promotion of an optimal quality of life for people with epilepsy.

Assists residents of Washington, Oregon, and Alaska with a variety of services.

Serving Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties.

Chronicles the journey of Karla Brown as she walks 9000 miles across America to raise awareness of epilepsy.

Follow this families fight against epilepsy. Explore how radical brain surgery gave this little boy a second chance at a normal life.

Developing implantable devices for treating epilepsy and other neurological disorders by responsive brain stimulation. Find product details, clinical trials and resources.

Contains neurological news, especially epilepsy, written by Dr. Wilner and published in medical publications. Also information on epilepsy books including sample chapters. Registration [free] required for most contents.

Information about epilepsy, seizures and other neurological disorders, VNS, medications, how the brain works, in addition to video clips and message board links.

Offers comprehensive epilepsy evaluation, treatment, research and education. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Resources on epilepsy and treatment, including surgery. Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Charity and expert patient group dedicated to helping cluster headache sufferers in the UK. Find support and membership details.

Provides detail on headache, migraine, imbalance, dizziness, vertigo and vestibular dysfuntion. Located in Fresno.

The author's son Tim was born with in 1992 with these conditions. Find the information they have compiled in English, Finnish and Swedish.

an organization dedicated to providing mutual support to families affected by Transverse Myelitis. Transverse Myelitis is an acute spinal cord inflammation involving both sides of the spinal cord.

Mission is to eliminate epidemic meningitis as a public health problem in sub-Saharan Africa through the development, testing, introduction, and widespread use of conjugate meningococcal vaccines. Features press releases and disease information.

International forum for dissemination of information on recent advances in clinical and basic science related to movement disorders.

Information on Benign Fasciculation Syndrome.

Updated information, treatments, coping and experiences related to orthostatic tremor.

A non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the benefit of early detection and early therapy for children with physical movement differences.

Supports research on angelman syndrome. Find details about AS, projects, and scientific articles.

Mission of the DMRFC is to advance research for more treatments and ultimately a cure; to promote awareness and offer support.

Initial symptoms, cause and treatment are discussed, and available publications are listed by the Benign Essential Bleparospasm Research Foundation.

Provides information, support and services to people with essential tremor. Funds research into the causes and cure for ET.

Californian non-profit organization, providing support, referrals and information for patients and family members.

Non-profit organization that provides information and support to members.

The FSH Society address issues and needs related to FacioScapuloHumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD).

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1994 by parents of children with Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy.