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Offers therapy description, information on sessions, certification details, events and workshops.

Gaetano Conforto describes the relationship between spirit-mind-body and healing with the help of quantum physics. Multilingual site based in Italy.

Universal Healing Energy works directly on the chakras, changing our DNA, vibration, and soul colours. Workshops available.

the peak body for national organisations who support people living with ALS/MND.

Founded by persons with ALS, this site is the on-line information site for ALS research fundraiser. Find the history, events, news and donate.

Provides ALS information for patients, caregivers, and professionals. Includes Canadian statistics.

Fundraiser for ALS research in Madison, Wisconsin. The founder is Steve Weekes, diagnosed with ALS, along with Wall Of Sound, and the MDA. Find photo galleries, learn about ALS and meet Steve.

Using entrepreneurial spirit and techniques to seek out and develop promising therapies to slow, arrest and cure ALS.

Raising money for medical research that might help children with Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T) to live a longer and healthier life.

A resource for cavernous angioma information and support.

Information about the service as well as the disease itself. Includes research, a hot line and references.

Information about galctosemia and a resource for families living with galactosemia.

To promote research for the cure and treatment, and to provide support to families. The UMDF offers a library, patient registry, support information, conferences, research and grant updates, and a special section for physicians.

ML4 Foundation, originally known as CHARM (Children's Association for Research on Mucolipidosis), reaching out to families affected with this debilitating disorder.

Parents guide provides information on steps for preventing cerebral palsy in unborn children.

CP has its origins in genetic and non genetic factors. This sites explores its causes from both positions.

Features an art gallery, employment and career information, a directory of services and service providers, events, and cerebral palsy news and information.

Information about Cerebral Palsy and other developmental disabilities, the programs and services offered by UCP in South Florida.

Describes programs, services, job openings, and events.

Offers services to people with CP and related conditions. News and information about locations, services, fundraising and other activities, employment and volunteer opportunities, and research.

Information about the programs and activities of UCP of Oregon and SW Washington. Includes an overview of services, a calendar of events, links to other resources, and an online donation form.

Supporting WS families in Romania.

Independent UK charity campaigning for biomedical research. Offers conference reports, research news, media corner, and guestbook.

Includes a quarterly newsletter, online library of articles, list of support groups, and discusses active projects. A Canadian registered charity.

American patient advocacy group for CFS and other neuroendocrineimmune disorders. Provides scientific articles, support and educational resources, newsletters.

Features blog, essays, help with disability and insurance issues. Written by Mary Schweitzer, a former college professor.

News and commentary for the CFS Community. Covers recent research articles and press releases.

Published the initial study of a novel retrovirus XMRV involved in CFS. Furnishes info on current research program, clinical trials, and patient resources.

Organises speaker events and monthly group meetings. Also provides newsletter and discussion list.

Dedicated to helping patients using osteopathic diagnosis and treatment. Includes details about the technique and a list of practitioners.