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Boffer LARP in which you play a denizen of one of eight distinct Homeworlds. Includes game rules, character creation, event information, and forums. [Georgia, US]

At the Magicopolis theater in Los Angeles. Staged by a professional cast, with audience members included in the roleplay. Includes cast members, photograph gallery, directions, prices and links. [California, US]

About the group, forum, event schedule, downloadable rules.

War game system featuring medieval re-enactment, roleplaying, and full contact combat. [Baltimore/Washington, US]

Includes FAQ, document library for game play, rulebook for sale, chapter listing and corporate contacts. [US]

Calendar of events, local contacts, and photo gallery.

Campaigns in the Duchies of Tyrangel and the Sutherlands in the Kingdom of Evendarr. Includes forums, photo gallery, event details, and game basics. [Georgia, US]

Operating in central and eastern Kentucky.

Operating in West Virginia, running events in the in-game lands of Dalanti. [West Virginia, US]

Cthulhu Lives is the website of the HP Lovecraft Historical Society, creators of the live action role playing game Cthulhu Lives.

Offers information and services for players of Clan Ventrue. Services include forms for applications and requests as well as free POP3-accounts, mailing lists or webspace. Information include GSA resources, character museum, backgrounds.

Weekly newsletter offering games master help and advice. Sections include roleplaying tips encyclopedia, a tips archive and games master articles.

Monthly online gaming magazine with articles, fiction and reviews. Focuses on Rolemaster and related games.

Small group playing tabletop RPGs and computer games in Watford. With contact information, and information about Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and Shadowrun.

Indexed links reviewed for their relevance to gamemasters. With additional information on conlangs, fantasy names, and fictional religions.

Forged from the fires of the Great War, the world of Khoras is reborn into the Age of Legends. It is a world haunted by the cataclysmic events of history and now left with a legacy of dark magic, lost legends, foul beasts bred for battle and long forgotten secrets waiting to be found.

Always wanted to develop a complete fantasy world in the style of J.R.R. Tolkien? Santharian excerpts, poems, maps - you're welcome in our realm!

A collaborative science fiction multi-race universe. Site contains numerous scientific, cultural, historical, and atlas entries as well as a beginner's guide, mailing list, FAQs, and community news.

Background for campaigns set in the Lunar Empire, Malkioni West, and Old Carmania. Includes a songbook, folk tales, Carmanian Sources, Malkioni Scriptures, Moonie Madness, and Life of Moonson characters.

Mapmaking and adventure creation software, with sales and user support and free artwork, textures, and maps.

Home of Accrete, a Java applet to simulate the creation of planetary systems by accretion.

Web-based name generator for various historical and fictional cultures.

Official site with game information, testimonials, photographs, and purchasing information.

Information on the history, symbolism and rules of major Mahjong variants. Maintained by Lagarto, the maker of Four Winds Mah Jong game software.

Rules and guide to the game of Mahjong, with an emphasis on Hong Kong Old Style Scoring.

Devoted to vintage board games of the 1920s through 1940s with an emphasis on Mahjong. Includes photo galleries and information on care and restoration.

Detailed instructions on playing Japanese Four and Three-Player Mahjong.

An initiative of the Korean based software company TankSoft. Nonprofit organization for promoting Mahjong. Hosts online games and organizes world-wide tournaments with money prizes. In Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese.

Fan page of Timestream: The Remnant features PDF format rules.

Features card information and deck tips.