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Shadowrun fan fiction, humor and commentary.

Supporting d6 and d20, includes races, character sheets, droids, ships, converted weapons, and characters and character stories.

Traveller licensee and publisher based in the UK.

Resources for a campaign with session logs.

Chris Cox selection of art work and campaign background.

The Official site run by game publisher QuikLink Interactive, Inc.

An overview of the genre, including reviews of multiple major and minor games. Also offers a tips and advice section for players and GM's.

Searchable detailed writeups of characters from all media--comics, movies, tv shows, and other games.

Powergame is a free superhero RPG which has been in development since 1994. It is designed to cater for all levels of superheroic campaigns within a simple rules framework.

An archive of house rules.

Contains the version 3.5 d20 system reference document and is indexed, hyperlinked, and searchable.

Produces adventures such as the Bloody Sands of Sicarus, Lord of the Peaks, and the Arcanis Setting.

Produces many D20 adventures and supplements. Example products include Heart of Glass, The Canting Crew, The Codex of Erde, and Deep Quiet.

Releases material for d20 campaigns,both modern and fantasy, includes, free downloads, and a list of product and descriptions.

A free, one page, generic game system.

Haymaker! is an amateur press association magazine (APAzine, or fanzine) about Champions and the rest of the Hero System founded in 1992. It is a collaborative effort of many of Hero System's best authors, and is a proving ground for many story ideas, characters, mechanics, general rules, or whatever the contributors want to write about.

Shared campaign universe for tabletop and play-by-email. Includes character illustrations and biographies as well as fan fiction.

Modular material for High Fantasy in the Hero System intended as a ready-made body of work for game masters. Contains package deals, magic systems, spells, and conversion guidelines for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, and Dungeons and Dragons 3e.

A comic following the misadventures of a group of gamers and their Dungeon Master.

Directory of player organizations.

Online access to awards and attendance points for participating Amtgard groups - both freehold and kingdom sponsored groups.

Located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Contains member records and a calendar.

The official site of the Lorien Trust. Includes contact information, newsletters (Rune) and booking forms for major events

Campaigns, lore and law, history of the faction, and Dragon events.

News, faction command, groups and archive.

Event and contact information, photo gallery, current projects, downloads, and a forum for discussion. [Devon, United Kingdom]

World of Darkness gaming system. Set in a gothic-punk-horror world very similar to our own that plays host to a myriad variety of supernatural creatures.

High fantasy live action role play. Clubs and site throughout the UK.

Includes rules of play, upcoming events, history of the land and original writings by members. [Utah, US]

Located on Long Island in New York. Downloadable rules, event information, photo gallery and message boards.