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Resources for download including adventures and plots, house rules, magic items, monsters, netbooks, spells, races and classes, and accepts submissions.

Contains house rules and tips and online character, treasure, and weapon generators.

Maps, characters, history, astronomy, and religion for a new campaign world.

Software suite for the d20 RPG allowing the creation and tracking of adventures and battles.

Features background, adventures, and characters.

The home page for Elaine Cunningham, the author of the forgotten realms novels Starlight and Shadow and the Songs and Swords series.

New martial arts styles using 1st edition rules.

A module that uses the second edition rules and includes pregenerated characters.

Home of The Great Net Spellbook and Prayerbook as well as original classes, kits, races, monsters and rules.

Provides information that supports that Earthdawn and Shadowrun take place in the same realm.

A campaign summary and software.

Herein you will find both a complete system of fantasy-based role-playing guidelines and a campaign setting, The World of Ærchus.

Features a review of the rules. Also includes scenarios and alternate rules.

Several scenarios for 2nd and 3rd edition, alternate rules and articles, the chaos project, NPCs, old zines, and an online solo-scenario.

Darcsyde are a roleplaying company with licenses to publish Corum and Hawkmoon roleplaying supplements for Elric.

Heroic adventure set in a fantasy realm inhabited by animorphs. Game details, name generator, wallpapers and online store.

Eden Studios' official site. Features product news, errata, and zombie fiction.

Rules for a new, all-female bloodline.

Online chat community set in Nashville, TN. Site has house rules, city map and lists of IRC commands to control custom bots.

House rules and fu power analysis.

Complete adventures for the role playing game based the science fiction and fantasy of the Victorian and Edwardian Era.

The GDW historical site detailing GDW's efforts to publish 2300 AD. Soon to contain information on the coming reprints of 2300 AD.

The companies and corporations of Foxx Industries. Content includes military organizations, new space craft, adventures, and referee aids.

Large for cyberpunk 2020, including javascript calculators, Tulsa 2020, Genetic construct rules, new rules, new roles, and downloadable utilities.

Supports the game with articles organized as a blog.

Anarchy inK's official site. Features free downloads of basic rules, product information, and player communities.

The year is 2085 and long range teleportation technology has made faster than light travel possible. In an attempt to find habitable planets, Earth's governments send out probes into deep space.

Creators of the game. Includes new modules, links, and online sales.

Creative discussion, journal jottings, and mission inserts relating to Paranoia XP.

A portal hosting more than half a dozen sites, along with web forums and mailing lists.