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Offers a review of paid guides for leveling, gold guides, class guides and best places to buy gold.

Trinity Core is a MaNGOS derivation focusing mainly on faster development. It was originally started because the devs did not want to wait for MaNGOS to apply patches that before they were deemed stable.

WhyDB is a Blizzlike content database for the Ascent server core.

Bulgarian PVP server. High population and good GMs. Vote and reward system, support, hard battlegrounds, no log, Blizzlike PVE rate Random BG/Dungeon Finder LOS Enabled.

Video based gold making guides with focus on using the professions and the auction house.

The online gear optimizer provides different presets to enhance a characters outfit. Loads data directly from the armory.

Review by Fridtjof. Includes screen shots and overall rating [85%].

Contains walkthroughs and guides, fan news and works, games, message board, web ring, and free hosting, forum, and email services.

Includes message board, artwork, fan fiction, manuals, walkthroughs, codes, and screenshots.

Includes previews, reviews, wallpaper, codes, music review, screenshots, strategy, and scans.

Offers game, anime, and trading card game information, codes, fan works, and a forum.

A community-driven Pokémon Encyclopedia.

Official website by Niantic with information and news about the game.

Where Pokemon Go players have spotted Pokemon.

Public server.

Gaming team. News, message board, member profiles, and links.

Play online. [Requires Java]

Play online. [Requires Java]

Includes game info, media, downloads, and reviews.

Includes news, series information, downloads, reviews and forums.

Official site with information, developer diary, screenshots, art, wallpaper, video and a demo.

Music library, weapons guide, and 3D travel guide.

Pictures, maps, and partial walkthrough.

Provides information on story, characters, battle system, and features.

Categorized links to Bolo sites. Somewhat outdated in that links are not maintained.

Introduction species rundown, map overview, tips, and etiquette guidelines.

Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2, and Battlefield 2142 single player modding. Battlefield AI modding and mapping tools and tutorials.

Official site with downloads, patches, media and game information.

The Wolf Pack Clan is a federation of hardcore clan gamers, dedicated to online games and xoops themes, modules and hack developments.

Community site with discussion forums, news, and server information. Downloads available to registered users.