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Guide to games like No-Flop Pineapple, Rabbit Hole, and Three-Card Mulligan.

Includes card game rules for Fairy Tale, Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, and Cyrano.

Generic rules for a variation where the starting set of rules are made up by the players.

Educational card games, which teach kids about wildlife, birds, space, ocean life, and farms. Ages 7 and up.

Seattle 1000 Blank White Cards archive.

Zannah's Blank Card Game archive.

Official site for this educational game, where children learn to read music by playing games with musical cards. Rules and description.

Publishers official site with rules, hints and tips and how to buy the game.

The site devoted to a non-collectable, expandable card game. Publisher's site.

Publisher of this biblical card game. With description, rules, online games and purchase.

Offers bidding polls and play contests, quizzes, puzzles, articles, humor, lesson material, calculators and utilities. Includes "Standard American" bridge bidding guides.

Fabrizio Munaroni presents postage stamps, postal stationery and cancellations related to the game. Includes philatelic material on playing cards; arranged by country of origin.

Presents an online version of Bridge Today Magazine for subscribers, as well as software, courses and books by Pamela and Matthew Granovetter.

Jock Millenson offers duplicate contract bridge resources for all players. Includes articles, problems and systems.

Swedish publishing house of Anders Wirgren is specialized in bridge books and programs. Offers books/ebooks, software, systems and problems.

Features online computing of probability and download of deal simulation programs.

Proposes scoring, bidding, tournament and contest software.

Specify constraints for one or two hands and print or save results in various formats. Includes resource links.

A body composed of national organizations that organizes continent-wide events and represents European bridge at the world federation. Official site.

News, fixtures, classes and general information. Includes club directory, events and membership details.

Presents a schedule of events and news. Online partnership desk.

Body responsible for the selection of british-wide international teams and the organisation of the Gold Cup. Official site.

London club where the eponymous bidding system was introduced. Includes schedule (Duplicate, Chicago, supervised play and Rubber), news and lessons.

Presentation of the club and its committee, schedule of games and results.

Serves most of Texas and all of Mexico. Presents regional tournaments schedule and results, and unit and club information.

Montreal Bridge League presents schedules of tournaments, a directory of clubs and contact information. [QC]

Schedule and contact information. [SK]

Offers games for players of all levels. Games schedule and results, tournament calendar, articles and practical information. [ON]

Trent Valley Bridge Association provides tournament information and results, news, player standings, club directory and governance details. [ON]

Provides schedules and scores. In Port Franks. [ON]