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Fully automated league following the LRB ruleset using the JavaBowl client.

'Der Weltkrieg' (German for 'The World War'). Eventually - campaigns in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East from 1900 to the present. Currently 3 WWI games.

Provides articles, video, and a forum covering strategies for 2nd and 3rd edition game.

Custom mechs, novel reviews, competitions, and online tournaments.

The hobby encyclopedia.

Point of reference for Italian players. Italian Diplomacy Association, PBEM and links to Italian language sites.

Provides information on classification, a hall of fame, and advice for designers. Can be listed by subject, name, number of players, or designer.

An article by Dave Shapiro on the history of the game.

Features a description, rules, pictures, and ordering information. Also offers a biography of the author.

Overview, strategies, and house rules. Also includes some observations about gameplay.

Official site has purchasing information and testimonials.

A variant specifically aimed at Halloween play. Includes how to play and suggested word lists.

The Treasure Hunt Game. Let The Hunt Begin! Mind bending riddles & colorful photographs lure you through a mansion in search of hidden treasures.

Finds words for Scrabble and Crossword games.

A scrabble directory with rules, history, graphics, books, articles, software, quizzes, forums, playsites, leagues, and tournaments.

Offers word lists and how to articles. Also includes articles about playing (and winning) online games.

Resource for Scrabble players in Southern Arizona and the home of NSA Clubs 363 and 565.

Site outlines their meeting schedule, location, and upcoming events.

Contains club ratings, word lists, quizzes and regional tournament information.

A resource for obscure and rare words.

An anagramming tool for Scrabble, Literati, Jumble and crossword puzzles, with several dictionary options.

Cutting edge Artificial Intelligence that generates the best play for any Scrabble game.

Includes ordering information and how to play.

Game overview, rules and tips. Also offers boards, cards, software and online gaming information.

Guide to variations on many Rummy card games, rules, quotes and historical data.

Covers the tournament schedule. Includes rules, winner information, links, and mailing list sign up.

A history of Gin Rummy game in general with references to Conquian and Elwood T Baker.

Multiple FAQs about cards and card games, plus a worldwide list of playing card societies.

Includes instructions on how to play Spoons, Go Fish, BS, Speed, and other card games.

Official Website Rules to the Politically-Incorrect Party Game Cards Against Humanity.