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Developers for Windows and Linux with titles such as "CeX3D Converter": a LightWave 3D, Unreal Editor, RenderMan converter, and "RI::ML": Standard ML bindings for RenderMan.

A set of original specialized image processing utilities designed to convert color raster images to vector formats that includes color reduction, cleaning and auto-trace.

Offers human machine interface software for creating customized command and control graphics for complex data. Combines the capabilities of HMI, SCADA and GUI software into a single application.

Offers tools for painting, sketching, animating, 2D and 3D illustration, game content creation.

Shareware products include 3DMiracle a program for creating single image Stereograms and movies from depth masks and 3DMonster a tool for creating depth masks from 3d objects, importing from 3DS format. Useful information about 3d, several stereograms and 3d depth masks.

Specialize in design and development of customized plugins and scripts.

Personal homepage of 3d Digital Artist Richard Morris, Alias Wavefront Maya resources, tutorials, information on the humanbody and body story graphics and the trackday roadster the Lotus 340r.

Network rendering controller that works with Lightwave, Maya (In the Professional Version) and Custom Batch Commands (Studio versions). This feature will give control to any command line console executable.

Tutorials featuring water effects, compact disc creation as well as an image gallery.

Software packages include textured, pre built 3D models on CD ROMs for LightWave and Inspire.

Featuring Lightwave 3d news, links and tips.

Leather outfits for Vicky, Voluptuous Vicky, Michael and V3. Armed forces Ranger outfit for Michael. Detailed motorcycles and Corvette for purchase. Freebies include clothing accessories and texture templates.

Creators and vendors of Victoria, Michael, Stephanie and other commercial high-res Poser models. Clothing, textures, props, accessories, animals, environments. Home of Mimic lip-synching software and the DAZ|Studio beta. Forums, freestuff section and tutorials.

Home of Martin Christgau's MacConverter, the freeware utility that made converting between Mac and PC Poser files possible (for versions below Poser 5). MacConverter also features Mac support for .PCF encoding/decoding. Other tools for Poser include a Mac Poser file installer, Poser bumpmap filters and optional icons for Poser 4 files.

Wooden furniture in Poser and other formats including cabinets, tables, chairs, crib, kitchen hutch, bookcases, functional case boxes and wooden toys.

Comic book professional George Deep's new home for his comic book/fantasy themed art. Freebies include slasher film-style Hockey mask for Michael, and spider web prop with tree and ground.

Characters, fetish clothing and textures for V1/2, M1/2 and Koshini.

Home of many Windows-only Poser utilities including library cleaner CR Pro, library manager Pbooost, Poser-centric text editor ZPad, and some powerful Win/Mac Python scripts. Forums and technical support.

High fashion footwear, jewelry and "Scantily Clad Armor." Galleries and improved C4D .obj import/export plugin Riptide.

One of Poser 5's developers explains how to get optimal results from the FireFly renderer and the Material Room.

Freeware multi-platform ray-tracing package. Include software download, 'hall of fame' images, FAQs, documentation and resources.

Shareware program outputs 3D molecular models to POV-Ray format.

A high end 3D resource and community web site for Alias PowerAnimator, Maya, Softimage, Sumatra, and Renderman users.

Developers of rtre, a real-time rendering engine for 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ. Product specifications and overviews, FAQs, modules, download trial and contact details.

Motion capture systems and motion capture suits manufactured in the UK. Our Mocap suits are used for Animation, games development, ergonomics, industrial research and real time simulation. Our inertial motion capture systems make mocap simple in any location.

Developers of digital environment creation software and real time simulations. Creators of Vue, Ozone and LumenRT.

Makers of XFrog, a 3D animation and organic modeling software specializing in trees and plant life.

3D Graphics training and programming services. Home of the Ignition Game Design Academy.

Software developer focusing on plugins and content for landscape population and manipulation. Creators of 'Forest Pack' and 'Rail Clone' for 3DS Max.

Online catalog of 3D models in MAX, 3DS, and Lightwave formats. Features mainly civilian and military transport. Credit cards accepted for easy online ordering.