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Demonstrates the use of the Unicode Character Standard to store names and places from anywhere in the world, in any language.

A Unicode plain text editor for the Windows NT and Windows 95 operating systems.

Providing B2B translation and globalization services for eCommerce, news, finance, entertainment, sports, and other web sites in several languages.

Full translation, localization and internationalization services.

Translation of software, multimedia and web site design.

Software localization house that offers services for software and web page globalization.

Consulting and project management services in the areas of internationalization and localization of software and marketing materials.

Software and Internet Localization into most European, South American, Asian and Mid-Eastern languages.

Offers translation, localization and language communication services in all Western and Eastern European languages, their North and South American varieties and major languages of Asia and the Middle East.

Market research for Global 2000 companies to operationalize, benchmark, optimize, and innovate industry best practices in translation, localization, interpretation, and website globalization.

Translations, proof-reading and localization from English into Polish.

Localization and technical translation to the IT industry, including software, documentation and eLearning material.

A Southern California company which designs and markets software that fulfills the unique need for including Asian languages in Windows applications.

Different approaches to automatic search and retrieval in translation memory (TM) tools and a methodology for comparative evaluation, with a practical application comparing TRADOS and MultiTrans.

Second-generation translation memory tool, including linguistic analysis, chunk technology, intelligent terminological grouping, and automatic specific glossary creation. Site in English and French.

Tools (including freeware) for use in localization and translation: Swordfish (CAT tool), Stringray (document aligner), CSVConverter (CSV glossary to TMX/TBX converter), TMXValidator (validate TMX), RTFCleaner (clean tagged RTF), JavaPM (Java project localization assistant), and Java Properties Viewer.

HTML translation tool for personal homepages, featuring phrase-based translation memory matching.

Free cross-platform computer assisted translation tool. Some of its features include: translation memory, fuzzy matching, and support for glossaries, multi-file projects, translation documents in OpenDocument Format/OpenOffice, HTML, plain text and other formats.

A unique translation project management macro kit that can be used with all MS Word versions above version 6, including Word 2000.

Conference and leadership training for internationalization, localization, and globalization management. Topics include global teamwork, technology, business, process issues, marketing, internationalization, localization, intercultural issues. May 17-18, 1999, Monterey, CA.

Training for software localization and internationalization.

A multilingual domain names registration center providing Chinese, Japanese and Korean domain names.

Type in Tamil unicode. No software to download; works from the browser.

Offers technical translation into Russian, software research and development, multilingual terminology management, translation tools TRANSIT/TermStar, localization, publishing (DTP), web design and language engineering.

Software localization and translation Services.Fast, precise and accurate.

Internationalization workbench that allows to translate client/server and Internet/Intranet applications without duplicating the source code and without recompilation.

Software that processes, categorises and counts all text for translation in an Internet file.

Tools to extract and translate message strings for VB. Strings are extracted from the source code and stored in a proprietary project file.

Covers the issues of Internationalization and Localization of applications and components in Visual Basic. Touches on all aspects of i18N/L10N/m18N.

The photo printing solution for digital cameras and images. Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP.