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A library of hatch patterns for CAD programs, with interactive selection and other utilities .

Custom3d has high quality 2d and 3d blocks available for download .

The user organization officially sanctioned by Autodesk for its products. Further information requires registration.

Product information from the creators of the CAD/CAM package KeyCreator, formerly named Cadkey.

Information about the 2d drafting solution within the CATIA product family from Dassault Systems.

Type3 software for engraving and sculpting of fonts and graphic logos with CNC or laser cut machines [requires flash].

Hybrid CAD/CAM systems for machining 3D surfaces and solids, 2.5 axis milling, turning, wire edm, profiling, nesting, NC verification and DNC communications.

Developers of Moldplus, a supplementary program for Mastercam and CATREAD/CATWRITE a CATIA/Mastercam file translator utility.

Windows based real time CNC control supports ISO programming and the HPGL format.

GoldMesh CAM software for machining meshes and Gold/Silver Engineer alloying software.

Developers of the MoldWorks, SplitWorks, MoldCreator, and MoldBase software tools for mold and die design with several CAD systems.

Developers of the TwinCAD 2D design software and several tools for CAM and NC programming.

Provides nesting solutions for material optimization. Material types range from regular materials like metal and plastic to irregular materials like leather and wood, with quality matching and respect of direction constraints. Offers on-line nesting services.

EasyDNC software offers generic CNC code editing tools and communications utilities for most hardware, and fully functional freeDNC demo version.

DNC Systems and Software - Direct Distributed Numerical Control

Products for connecting DNC equipment through Ethernet or Token Ring networks and NC program database management.

supplier of Open Architecture DNC (Distributed Numerical Control) TCP/IP networking hardware plus BTRs and serial interfaces.

NC Verify graphically simulates the material removal process to detect program errors for milling, grinding, turning, and wire EDM machines.

Discriminator makes CNC files more readable for viewing and printing by allowing the user to format individual codes with any font or color.

Edit CNC has the features needed by CNC programmers for editing CNC G-code files, as well as all the basic applications found in a text editor.

Cimskil High Throughput Manufacturing Systems including NCv, MetCAPP, and CUTDATA.

Graphics libraries for Delphi developers, such as an OpenGL canvas, hidden lines algorithms, and geometry data management.

Delivers CAD industry news, product reviews, articles, events and resources.

Translate between many different CAD/CAM formats as an online service.

Viewer and converter of CAD formats including IGES, STEP, STL, VRML, Open CASCADE BRep, and other formats.

Educational training in architectural and mechanical CAD with AutoCAD, Microstation and Solidworks.

Provides tools and services for digital system-on-chip design.

Provides front-to-back design tools and services for all aspects of semiconductor design.

Magma offers a physical design solution for timing-closure of digital designs in a single iteration.

Developer of L-Edit Pro mask layout editor and provider of IC design consulting services, technology research and electronic products.