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Mainly information and links to information about Particle Swarm Optimization.

What is Fidonet? How Fidonet works? How to join?

How to join FidoNet.

A database that is used by Fidonet and Othernets moderators to record information about conferences (echoes) that the networks may carry.

Contains listings of Synchronet Bulletin Board Systems, this list of some of the BBS' online is updated 24 hours a day.

MacOS Web Server and BBS with full documentation, ordering and update information for TeleFinder from Spider Island Software.

Presents this BBS package for Macintosh computers and some external applications along with information on how to develop such applications.

Online store for the CNet software package for Amiga computers.

Santronics Software Inc designs, develops, and supports interactive Internet, Intranet, and communications software for the Microsoft Windows environment. Products include the WIN Server, Plantinum Express, Wildcat BBS and Off-Line Xpress mail reader.

2D drawing and drafting package. [Windows]

Modelling software that supports NURBS, polygonal modeling, and subdivision surfaces, available for Windows and Macintosh.

Software for architectural 3D CAD, land modelling, surveying, photogrammetry, and geotechnical evaluations, for Macintosh,

CAD software for building design and estimating, civil design, hydraulics, landscaping, structural engineering, and surveying.

Software that makes it easy and fun to draw a bird house or your dream home.

An independent, international professional association consisting of GDL authors, software developers, and building product manufacturers.

The developers of ArchiCAD, a 3D architectural design software with 2D drawing and layout functions for architects, interior designers and structural engineers.

Source of Chief Architect add-on symbol libraries and a user-created symbol exchange.

Developers of ECDESIGN, a 3D Virtual Reality space planning software package. Includes a showcase gallery, video tutorial and support.

Interior design software, especially targeted at furnishing, wood, and carpet manufacturers.

A kitchen design software based on AutoCAD, with object libraries and estimation.

Design software for HVAC, lighting and electrical design. Covers CIBSE/DIN/ASHRAE design standards, available in English, German, Hungarian

Xsteel and PowerFrame software for steel structure modelling and analysis, and PowerPlate FEM for analysis of plate and grid structures.

Provides software, training and consulting to design professionals using VectorWorks and Cinema 4D in Canada.

VectorWorks books and training resources

RenderWorks Recipe Book, Watercolor People and Seminars by Daniel Jansenson.

Surveying, coordinate geometry, digital terrain modelling, and drafting applications for Intellicad and AutoCAD, as well as free autolisp routines.

Utilities for plot management and plot tracking with AutoCAD.

Makers of the Vdraft drawing editor compatible with AutoCAD files, as well as viewer software and browser plug-ins.

A few free AutoCAD utilities for download, with instructions and a support forum.

An AutoCAD reference tool for teaching or learning CAD fundamentals. Quick access to setvars and dimvars.