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High Energy Metals, Inc. (HEMI) specializes in explosive welding.

This website has been created to celebrate the art form as a whole. In the process, your visit will be educational and entertaining.

Conventional and explosive demolition contractors.

Manufacturer in China of organic intermediates, specializing in derivatives of chlorobenzene, benzyl alcohol, phenylacetic acid, and benzaldehyde.

Producer of aminoguanidine derivatives for use as fine-chemical intermediates, located in China.

Producer of pharma and fine chemicals, and hair dyes in China. Products are primarily substituted aromatics, including derivatives of pyridine and resorcinol.

Producer of fine chemicals and intermediaries. Includes an online order form.

Producer of organic intermediates for laboratories, medium-sized and bulk production.

Manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates, also specializing in custom manufacture and process development services. Located in Texas.

Manufacturer of chlorinated derivatives of benzoic acid, benzaldenhyde, and toluidine. Located in China.

Manufacturer of dextrans, as well as a small but diverse range of intermediate chemicals. Located in China.

Produces a range of aromatic pharmaceutical and dye intermediates, as well as several amino acids and toltrazuril livestock water additive.

Producer of aromatic and heterocyclic fine chemicals, including derivatives of methoxybenzene, aniline, diphenylamine, and diphenyl ether. Located in China.

Develops and produces pharmaceutical intermediates and ingredients, including sulbactam and phenyl dichlorophosphate.

Chemical manufacturer in China, offering fluorinated derivatives of phenol, benzonitrile´╝înitrobenzene, phenylboric acid´╝îpyridine and anisole.

Company in China producing a small range of specialty chemicals, including food additives, plastic and rubber additives, and organic intermediates.

Manufacturer of aromatic pharmaceutical and dye intermediates in China. Products include derivatives of phenylhydrazine and naphthalene.

Specialized in supplying both enantiomers of a wide variety of chemicals, including amines and amino acids, alcohols, carboxylic acids, and sulfinamides. New Jersey, US.

Specialized producer of glycine and its derivatives, as well as compound peptides and chlorinated aromatics. Nantong, China.

China. Group of companies, involved in the manufacture and trade in titanium dioxide, zirconium, aluminium salts and graphite carbon for a variety of industrial applications. Technical information and specifications. English and Chinese.

Denmark-based chemical broker and supplier.

Plastic resins of various grades from China.

Importer and exporter of natural and synthetic rubber such as nitrile, SBR, NBR and EPDM. Product list, contact information.

Trader of raw materials for the paint, ink and other industries worldwide with a focus in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa and the Far East. Offering resins, pigments, additives, solvents and equipment.

Antimony trioxide, titanium dioxide, citric acid and imported chemicals with stocks in USA. Product list, contact form.

Seattle-based trader of industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals and raw materials. Product list.

India-based company involved in the importing, warehousing, distributing, and indenting of pharmaceutical raw materials.

Importing and distributing borate chemicals. Company presentation, product catalogue, contact information.

Based in Zhejiang, China, exporter of inorganic chemicals, water treatment chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Product list, contact information.

Indian importer of industrial chemicals including hydrogen peroxide, thiourea dioxide and phosphoric acid.