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Manufacturer of custom colorants, additive concentrates and specialty compounds for use in the process of coloring and modifying plastic resins. Product, services, and contact information with a detailed technical discussion on colorants for plastics.

Calsak colorants provide colorants, masterbatch, color concentrates, plastic colorants, purging compound, and custom colorants. Primary business is the development and distribution of color concentrates to the plastics industry. Product and raw material information, overstock specials, and contact information.

Manufacturer and Indian exporter of organic pigments for printing ink, paints, plastic and textile emulsions.

Manufacturer of dyes and colorants, including dye precursors and certified dyes. Products available from the fluorescein, uranine, and eosine groups, as well as natural dyes, the firm currently provides manufacturing and distribution, plus custom manufacturing. Major producer of fluorescein (solvent yellow #94) and tetrachlorofluorescein. Company information, product information, and contact information.

Manufacturer and exporter of biological stain, indicator color, solvent dyes, basic dyes, phase transfer catalyst and safranine, from India.

Manufacturer and exporter of chrome oxide green, chromic acid, sodium bichromate, and basic chrome sulphate.

Specializes in micronised iron oxides pigments.

Offers luminescent and fluorescent pigments for a wide range of applications such as security, safety and artistic.

Standard and custom development and manufacture of reversible and irreversible thermochromic (changing color with temperature) and photochromic (changing color with UV light) color changing materials and product for a range of medical, consumer and industrial applications. Technical information and material safety data sheets.

Serving the petroleum and petrochemical industry with high-quality engineering expertise.

Italian engineering and manufacturing company specializes in soap (and glycerine) processing plants and finishing lines.

An Italian enterprise specializes in plant design and construction for water treatment and demineralisation, using filtration, reverse osmosis and ion exchange processes.

Provides industrial engineering, construction and maintenance services. Serves chemical, oil and gas, air separation, minerals processing, and petroleum industries.

An engineering and project management company in the pharmaceutical industry from 4 European offices.

Chinese firm specializing in research and development on new types of tower internals for chemical separation equipment.

Specializing in extrusion engineering for the plastics industry. providing process and machinery design, training programs and software, troubleshooting, expert witness, computer simulation, and material analysis.

Provides chemical process engineering, plant operation, equipment evaluation and selection, pollution prevention, treatment, and pilot services.

Develop and improve processes through scale-up and engineering.

Egyptian petroleum services company provides engineering consultancy for corrosion monitoring and control by cathodic protection, coatings, chemicals, and materials selection.

Consultant for extractive and azeotropic distillation. Patent information, economic model, contact information and confidentialty agreement. Description of facilities, in Iceland (geothermal) and South Africa.

Professional chemical engineering, consulting, and expert services for the chemical process and chemical manufacturing industries, and their investors.

Specialized in engineering design and turnkey supply of chemical, plastic, and industrial plants.

Provides inspection and engineering services throughout the US and internationally. Services include API-653 inspection, environmental training programs, and other environmental services.

Services offered include process scale up, research and development, modernization, industrial safety and environment management, total quality management, and energy conservation.

Provider of international industrial mineral consultancy, specializing in technical services and marketing.

Job listing and recruiting site for chemical engineers and related jobs.

Industrial group specialized in fine derivatives, and in energetic materials (propellant, explosives.)

Design, and production of explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnic actuated devices. Lead Azide Replacement, Initiators and Detonators (laser, electric and percussion).

India based manufacturer of safety fuse and gunpowder for blasting operations.

Publicly traded manufacturer and distributor of explosives for mining and industrial applications in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. Products information, technical specifications, and investor information. (TSX symbol NXX)