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Includes information, hints, tips, guides, banners, rules and links.

Offers a number of online solitaire card games. Requires Flash. In Dutch and English.

Help Kwala find the pinata so that she can get the candy.

Includes a different style of Tetris with this online web browser game.

Includes multiple levels, statistics on previously fallen pieces, scoring and cubes fallen count. Requires Java. Doesn't include sound support.

Learn about feelings and how your body works through fun games and interactive Flash movies.

Learn about what happens while we sleep, play fun games, and keep a sleep record. Explains about dreams, and why sleep is important.

Newsletter article about the course of a school day including descriptions of experiences by kids, teenagers and their parents.

Stress relief for cancer patients, in which they can visualize and destroy cancer on a computer screen.

Describes the process, chromosomes and genes, what causes cancer, and treatments. Includes quiz.

Facts about the disease are presented as a series of multiple choice questions which can be answered against the clock. A separate database contains the correct answers.

Born with Down syndrome, Sujeet is a musician, black belt in Tae Kwan Do, and a World Game special Olympian. Listen to his music and read his inspiring story.