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Calendar of holidays for each month of the year, plus seasonal articles written by Waverly Fitzgerald, ideas for celebrating including rituals, crafts and recipes.

From the Black Experience page of the Electronic Village.

Established in 2001, and participating in the Pensacola parade. Voodoo Dolls, member info, upcoming events, and photos.

Information about the workers holiday as celebrated in the New England town.

Offers holiday jigsaw puzzles, concentration, mah jong, and sokoban, plus a slider puzzle.

Reflects on holiday, includes biographical sketch of St. Patrick, and provides links to other sites.

Offers a foreign wife's perspective on holiday preparations.

Features history and origin of Canadian and American Thanksgivings, proclamations, crafts and games for kids, recipes, songs, prayers, jokes, poems, turkey trivia, and quotes.

Valentine's Day gift ideas, poetry, and date ideas.

Includes history and lesson plan.

Gives abortion laws and restrictions in over 192 nations and territories.

Medical educators offer their perspectives on the social and health benefits of abortion and the need for younger health care professionals to understand the importance of safe abortion.

Chat with professional organizers, other activists, discuss current issues, access feminist resources online.

Provides a home and a voice for pro-choice Republicans.

National organization advocating access to sexual and reproductive health services, education, abortion and contraception; formerly Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada. Information resources, news, other prochoice links.

Works to ensure California low-income women are informed and supported to make the right reproductive choice through direct services, advocacy and community education, and combatting disinformation.

Network of medical students, residents, and physicians supporting abortion training and family planning education.

An organization to provide ongoing support to emerging pro-choice leaders.

Television and radio commercials offering hope and healing to woman suffering from post-abortion syndrome, and help to woman in crisis pregnancies.

Promotes a feminism with a pro-life stance emphasizing nonviolence. Includes Spanish language resources.

Seeks to assure, through education, equal protection under the law for all living humans from fertilization until natural death.

Organization with an "Abortion Malpractice Litigation" campaign which supports women who have been killed, injured, or sexually assaulted while having abortions.

Posts Catholic anti-abortion messages by renting space with outdoor advertising companies.

A pro-life site detailing its political campaigns, aims, information and news.

Promoting the Hippocratic tradition in medicine of "Do no harm". With newsletter, resources and explanation of their principles.

A political action committee helping pro-life women gain election to Congress.

The New Jersey chapter of an African-American, evangelical, pro-life ministry in the United States.

MCCL provides reference materials to educate adults and young people about the life issues. It also a list of crisis pregnancy centers for those who are seeking help.

Mission statement, events calendar, fetal development information, newsletters, and links to pro-life resources.

Presents a case for educational efforts on the sanctity of life to occur from kindergarten through high school; offers curriculum for support.