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Various information about pirates, includes biographies, images and book lists.

A site about peiran pirates, personal piracy experience,female pirates, templar pirates.

The Black Spades Pirate Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to community improvement, through piratical education and entertainment.

Presentations of ships and vessels from the Stone Age to the present day. Site in Swedish and English with drawings of a large number of vessels.

When construction is finished, this ship will be the largest of the worlds operating tall ships. A replica of a 1911 five-masted barque. Plans are to use the ship as a sail training ship and goodwill ambassador.

History, memories, stories and pictures this ship compiled by a former crewman.

Comprehensive information on the deadliest ship disaster in history and surrounding events, and includes galleries, stories, and resources.

Sells videos about the sinking of the freighter and other famous shipwrecks.

Information included; the ship, the people and the boats. Resources, features the ships manifest and various archive photos. Authors project to build a seven foot replica of the vessel is documented.

Features photos, news, and articles.

An online museum dedicated to world's fair history, architecture, and memorabilia.

Books, articles and consultancy on industrial archaeology and the history of technology, engineering and metallurgy. Text in Dutch and English.

Working to archive, preserve, and restore early sound recordings from the Studios of the Thomas A. Edison Company.

Network of the European Science Foundation to write a 20th century European History of Technology.

Traces the history of undersea cable communications, from the first telegraph cables used in 1850 to the fiber optic cables used today for the Internet.

International society devoted to the history of earth sciences. Site has information about the organization and its journal, Earth Sciences History.

Dedicated to fostering interest and scholarly research in the history of science and its social and cultural relations. Site informs about the profession, teaching and research efforts, and society activities. Publishes the journal Isis.

A research project by the English departments of the Universities of Northumbria and Sunderland on what depression was before it was called depression (1660-1800). Details of public lectures, a conference, an exhibition and publications.

An academic society devoted to the history of medicine and health in all of its aspects.

An interest group within the History of Science Society, which brings together historians of economics, anthropology, psychology, sociology, and medicine.

An 1869 tract about the historical and philosophical basis for monogamy and polygamy.

Website dedicated to the preservation of the history of Wisconsin's workers and labor unions.

The story of Fortune was an African American man enslaved in a Connecticut farming community, in Waterbury, includes curriculum materials and student activities.

Provides resources for the critical analysis of popular culture in the US.

Complete collection of original jingles. Also includes the Burma-Shave daily mailing list.

Companion to book by Philip A. Harland: illustrated survey of social and religious life in Roman Asia Minor.

Details the author's visits to various battlefields around the world, with brief information and pictures.

History of the Finnish-Soviet Winter War, November 30th 1939 - March 13th 1940

Lecture notes from retired history professor, Dr. Raymond Jirran.

A database and online community dedicated to historical empires and cultures of the world.