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Manufacturer of safety systems, initiators, pyrotechnics countermeasures and pyromechanisms.

Provides maintenance software and consulting services to the defence and commercial sectors of the international shipping industry. Includes a company profile, product overview and demonstration videos.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service provide free smoke alarms with free installation to home and business users

Cambridge, UK. Offers professional support, safety advice and training to manufacturers and end-users of laser products.

Intuitive online incident reporting software with comprehensive graphical reports.

Offers 3 interactive programs providing comprehensive design of steel sections to BS 5950 and EC3.

Supplies PAFEC VibroAcoustics. This solves acoustic and vibration problems using the finite and boundary element methods. Applications include underwater acoustics, audio, medical ultrasonics and automotive.

A low-cost f.e.m. package for PCs, providing Fortran source code for a range of 2D engineering applications, plus powerful pre- and post-processors. Screenshots and examples.

Finite Element simulations using symbolic computing. Presented are a set of Maple procedures and Fortran subroutines that can be used to build complete Fortran simulation codes for partial differential equations, with the entire problem definition done in Maple. Examples and Downloads available.

3D finite element software using truss and beam elements to model mechanical and civil structures.

Listing of future conferences, symposia, workshops and presentations organized by The European Space Agency (ESA).

Comprehensive overview of ESA's projects and technology research in space telecommunication systems. Includes tendering information and updated project status.

History and photographs of this railway bridge built for the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway. Opened in 1902 and dismantled in 1962.

Information on seismic risk mitigation and data on economic impact of events.

The department is engaged in research and development in the fields of structural and soil dynamics, seismology, seismotectonics and instrumentation.

Features facility overview, undergraduate and graduate studies, and course information.

Features history of Britain's early transportation system from the 18th century until present day. Topics cover canal building, railway construction and aviation developments. Includes photos and timelines.

Welding and joining technology support centers for Australian industry.

Develops computer models and new experimental tools to solve materials processing problems, especially the application of transport phenomena to quantitatively understand metals processing, particularly welding. Get details about current and former group members, ongoing research, publications, and view some models and animations.