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Offers research-based educational programs, publications and resources in the areas of agriculture, family and child development, community leadership and development, food and safety, health and nutrition, and environmental resources.

Photograph and information on this serious pest of wheat, its distribution, characteristics, economic impact and management.

Bi-monthly magazine providing technical, production and marketing information to the Australian cotton industry

Ratoon stunting disease is common in most sugar industries in southern and central Africa and causes significant loss. This system provides a means for farmers to produce high quality seedcane free of the disease.

About selected topics in freshwater fisheries management, including seine netting and its effects on fish, electrofishing, fish diseases, gill structure, and research on carp feeding habits.

Information on research at the Danish Technical Institute into the ecology, management, evolution and population genetics of fishes. Special interests include lake ecosystems, salmonids, and the European eel.

Discussion of this most important part of mushroom production, including distribution, packaging, pricing and promotion, all of which are crucial to a successful outcome.

Fact sheet from West Virginia University on this economically important disease, the symptoms, disease cycle, monitoring, management and control.

Includes scientists, consultants, company representatives, conservationists, other practitioners and members of the public who have an interest in weed management

Books relating to soil and water conservation, soil improvement, bamboo cultivation, durable rural development and intermediate technology for developing countries, by Peter J Storey.

Research in agricultural molecular biology and related fields.

Research agency of the University of Nebraska's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Includes information on the research being undertaken, student programs, faculty and staff.

A producer driven non-profit organization undertaking research and extension programmes in South East South Australia. It is a partnership between the farming community, research and extension agencies and agribusiness.

UK service provider of 3D modeling, stereolithography, and selective laser sintering prototypes. Other services include metal and plastic component production, vacuum and rim casting, design services.

Sheffield, UK based product design consultancy offering product design, development and management services including concept development, CAD realisation and rapid prototyping services.

Develops novel and commercially viable technologies for the use of high intensity gas plasmas, mainly for the sputtering of thin films and for surface engineering.

The Composites Research Laboratory (CORE) at the University of Maryland, College Park is a dedicated school to the advancement of composites materials.

Materials research in the field of energy technologies, comprising metallurgy, ceramics, solid state physics and materials chemistry. Contains details about the program, staff, user facilities and news.

Superconductivity and cryomagnetic low temperature engineering and instrumentation. London, with many international contacts listed.

UK-based industry board representing air conditioning and refrigeration industries to the UK Government and European bodies.

ADT offers the TURBOdesign suite package of programs for the development of advanced turbomachinery design in order to improve the performance of the components. Description of products, their applications and background information.

Supplies metallurgical analytical equipment for mining and mineral exploration in Southern Africa.

Consultancy offering expertise in geometallurgy, metallurgical services, analytical testing, mineralogy and catalyst services for the mining and minerals industry.

For people interested or involved in the science and practice of measurement. Includes details of biennial conference, members, technical groups, list of journal contents, and contacts in Newton, South Australia.

Agreement among national metrology organizations, whose goal is to promote international and regional cooperation in the Americas for scientific, industrial and legal metrology. Includes overview, organizational structure and meetings.

Non-destructive, trace elemental analysis, ion beam analysis using a focused microbeam. Includes applications in tomography and microfabrication, downloads and contacts in England.

Features program overview, academic programs, information for prospective students, research areas, and faculty and staff.

A dynamic magazine at the leading edge of nanotechnology features, views, news and reviews. Nano will appeal to a spectrum of interests ranging from the industrial and academic research communities to investors and businesses.

Home of the IFE.

Non profit organisation which aims to challenge and inspire people of black origin to make enhanced contributions to the various fields of engineering.