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A freeware program that allows the user to navigate through the solar system neighbourhood at different times in past or future and see the sky in a stereographic projection.

Compilation by Mike Constantine of high-resolution Apollo panoramas.

Collection of selected resources and information about the mission of man kind to explore the ever mysterious red planet.

A collection of analytical facilities built by an interdisciplinary research team of biologists, chemists, geologists and physicists who work together on joint research related to the planet Mars. Facilities, personnel, publications and collaborators.

Downloadable catalog. Also news, reading list, articles, links.

Educational information about the Sun.

Explains the phenomenon - the Sun's apparent path in the sky - including simple animations.

Stories, data from DMSP satellite, movies from space, links and publications, from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Photo gallery of aurora borealis, meteor showers, and planetary alignments hosted by photographer Dirk Obudzinski. Includes news and sky forecasts.

Proposed advanced theory of mainstream pulsars being oscillatory and powered by gravitational contraction, rather than rotary.

Information about the society active in Finland.

Meetings, fellowships, publications, society news and information

General information, announcement of events

Mission, organization, activities and other information.

Is an international society that exists to provide facilities for association and communication among molecular evolutionists, and has as one of its primary goals increasing communication between the fields of evolution and molecular biology. Center for Evolutionary Functional Genomics

Promoting communication and cooperation among core laboratories, with research mechanisms for evaluation and improving biotechnical capabilities, and education of facility staff, users, administrators, and other members.

Promotes interdisciplinary cooperation among those involved in the scientific, medical, technological agricultural and ecological research of fats and oils.

Information on lipids, their history, structure, use and analysis.

Commercial sequence package for contig assembly, normal and batch mode, to investigate genomic fragments, rRNA and protein genes. Includes trial download for Microsoft platforms from Windows 95 to Vista.

Comprehensive enzyme information system, searchable by a number of different parameters.

Collection of PDF files and links, grouped by sector, providing an agricultural portal for products, services and information.

Online resource providing practical information and resources for starting, financing and running a small farm.

Describes its work in serving and promoting the livestock industry in the United States. Includes downloadable technical papers, event and educational information.

A network of leading practitioners in the European poultry sector seeking to exchange experience and knowledge. Provides details of objectives, membership, news, activities and events.

Articles, forum, and links for those raising bantams.

World-wide beekeeping directory.

Non-profit that advocates for bees and their natural environment.

Offers information for new beekeepers on how to make hives and keep bees. Includes videos, articles and a blog.

Describes the different types of bees, their nests, life cycles, causes of decline, honey, and how we can help them.

Supplier of retail top bar hives and hive kits. Several free "how-to" videos on beekeeping using top bar hives.