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Alchemy links and resources.

The repository where truth in science begins.

Dr. Oliver K. Manuel's posits a new theory of the sun's formation, composition and energy production.

A Newtonian approach to understanding the phenomenon of existence and the nature of the cosmos.

Denies the Big Bang theory and claims that the universe is of infinitely replicated fractal structure.

Book by Terence Witt exploring null physics and its applications in cosmology as well as other sciences.

Aims to help the reader step outside of time and imagine the shape of what is ultimately possible in a timeless universe.

Offers a free ebook describing the fractal nature of the universe and how it builds a double bubble shape of giant conjoined twins.

Produces pamphlets and brochures, a radio program, children's programs, special events and a museum, promoting creationist ideas.

Anomalous scientific evidence challenging the standard views on human evolution.

Provides biographical information, research interests in astrophysics, cultural astronomy and archaeoastronomy and selected publications.

Describes the jantar mantar (or yantra mandir) of Jaipur, and the massive sundials and other astronomical devices built there.

Homepage of the CRESST experiment (Cryogenic Rare Event Search with Superconducting Thermometers), a European collaboration to search for particle constituents of dark matter in the Gran Sasso laboratories.

An Anglo-Australian collaboration surveying 740 square degrees of high-galactic lattiude sky. Contains spectroscopic data release, results, progress report, and input catalogue, survey members, and publications.

Mark Sukhija provides eclipse specific travel advice and includes information on several upcoming eclipses.

This project welcomes one to interact, exchange, share ideas, learn and work together with others worldwide across a 'collaborative' environment. Through this shared space and the resulting cross-cultural exchanges, one could get to create new art, meet new audiences and have new experiences

Provides predictions for grazing occultations of stars by the Moon and predictions for occultations of stars by asteroids and planets, information on observing equipment and techniques, and reports to the members of observations made.

Contains information and free illustrations of Extrasolar planets (carbon planets, gas giants and terrestrial planets), detection methods and missions.

The UMBRAS goal is to use external occulters to allow a search to be made for extrasolar planets in ways that cannot be done with current methods.

The search for non human radio signals.

Panspermia overview and technical papers.

69 full scale star maps for visual use with the seti@home screen saver.

Discussion, statistics, and guides.

Team information, statistics, discussion, and games.

Interactive project that allows the user to participate in a large-scale project of galaxy research: classifying millions of galaxies found in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

Article by Peter Brosche on gaining understanding of changes in the Moon's orbit.

An overview with photographs of many lesser known telescopes typical of their time.

News, views, reviews and commentary about amateur and professional astronomy.

A space and astronomy news public outreach site for the Midwest.

Personal website of Dr Ian O'Neill, outlining his thoughts on physics, the solar system, space flight and the universe.