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Provides an all-inclusive package solution needed to implement, manage and maintain a system for permanent identification and traceability of agri-food products.

Specialists in ecosystem and habitat restoration including soil bioengineering and erosion control, invasion plant removal, specialty planting, silviculture, mining land reclamation and beach or stream bank erosion control. [British Colombia]

Consultants based in India offering advice about the cultivation and use of Jatropha as a source of bio fuel.

Providing agricultural consulting and precision agricultural services to farmers in NW Ohio, NE Indiana and Southern Michigan. Includes details of services and the On-Farm Network.

Establishes standard procedures for sampling and testing seeds to promote uniformity in seed testing of seeds moving in international trade. Switzerland.

Software for seed testing laboratories.

Aimed at farmers and growers working the land on a small, ecologically-conscious scale. Includes articles and features about people, the land, country activities and the community.

AJAE is a quarterly international peer-reviewed publication that gathers and disseminates fundamental and applied knowledge in almost all area of agricultural sciences from agronomy to animal sciences, and particularly agricultural engineering.

This is the World Data Center for Soils. Responsible for collecting, archiving, and distributing data and research information.

Provides education, resource information and business opportunities for professionals in the erosion and sediment control industry.

Information about the production, distribution and use of potash and its influence on soil fertility. Includes maps of soil K levels.

Supporting and encouraging women in soil science. Membership, meetings, newsletter, committees, links and shop.

Describes the results of a long-term field experiment in Sweden. By Artur Granstedt and Lars Kjellenberg.

Magnesium/sulphur deficiency symptoms are widespread due to inappropriate nutrient management. This website offers not only details about the origin, properties and production of Kieserite, but also a wide range of information concerning its importance and possibilities of use in agriculture.

Organization aiming to provide science-based information to help educate people about the benefits of fertilizer. Includes information for consumers, students, teachers and grassroot activists.

Information on sustainable agriculture for producers. Grants available for sustainable agriculture projects.

U.S. non-profit organization formed to foster knowledge of biodynamic methods of agriculture, horticulture and forestry and undertake educational activities. Produces a journal and promotes CSA.

Danish organic food and farming network. News, companies, facts and organizations.

Peer-reviewed scientific studies on the benefits of organic farming.

It aims to promote organic agriculture through animal breeding based on the standards and principles of organic farming and directed at the needs of organic farming systems.

Daily photo journal of work on a small-scale certified organic vegetable farm growing for the local food market.

The Rodale Institute offers a free online course for conventional farmers who want to transition to organic and provides information for consumers to help promote organic farming.

World wide operating certification agency for organic manufacturing standards, programs and regulations. Provides links to related sites.

The OTA’s mission is to promote and protect organic trade, to benefit the environment, farmers, the public and the economy.

Offers certification and accreditation for this type of farming.. Includes a download of regulations, newsletter and list of related links.

Membership details, including guidelines and requirements, fees, and rules.

ICCOA aims at becoming a Knowledge and Learning Centre for all facets of organic agriculture in India. Information about its organisation, activities, and news.

Organization providing research and promotion of biointensive gardening and mini-farming, conserving soil and resources, sustainability. Includes definitions, tours, workshops, conferences, books, and brief case histories.

The solution to the riddle of life and consciousness.

Infinity in astronomy, cosmology, physics, philosophy and religion.