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Web ring for sites related to the film.

Plot synopsis, characters, discussion board, reference material and links for E-text versions of the literary work.

A consideration of the underlying implications of Axl Foley's police methods.

DVD review by Bill Warren. "Not every video purchase has to put a home theater system to the test; this is simply a very good movie, well worth seeing, well worth owning."

Official site with movie information, chat room, store, and the political views and goals of Tom Laughlin.

Official site features a trailer, synopsis, images, cast, and crew information.

Analytical articles, image galleries, script, interviews, and links.

Reality Or Simulacra is an essay, by Amedeo Felix, exploring postmodernism and notions of reality through the film Blade Runner and the literature of Philip K Dick.

The official home of the feature length comedy spoof.

Forum about the film run by director Rian Johnson.

Synopsis, reviews, pictures, music information, and awards.

Official site which includes the movie trailer, pictures, wallpapers, and screensavers.

Official site with information about cast, story, films, events, chat and message boards.

Official site with plot and character information.

Review of the original movie.

Official site from Fine Line Features includes image gallery and plot synopsis.

Critique of the 1978 Vietnam movie about a woman who falls in love with a paralyzed veteran while her husband is on combat duty.

Official site with film information, distribution details, and multimedia [requires Flash].

Online community for fans of the franchise. News, contests, forum, a fan directory, image gallery, links, and transcripts of online chats with people involved in the film.

Lyrics to the film's soundtrack.

Scientific documentation for the scenario painted in the film in which a sudden ice age is caused by the thermohaline current coming to a halt due to the infusion of fresh water from melting ice.

Several samples in RA audio format of musical and verbal portions of the film about the blind and dying composer.

Official site includes trailer, synopsis, cast list and book link.

A guide to merchandise related to the books, movies, and games.

A psychological feature film delving into dangerous areas touching upon the core of our existence. What if a sociopath tries to destroy your life, and you're helpless to do anything about it?

Official site with photo gallery, information about Sherpa culture and Everest history, and expedition biographies.

West Texan views the movie and gives an assessment of the audience.

Review and commentary by Danny Duncan Collum.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: 1998 movie by Universal starring Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro. Information on future movies and projects.

Fanpage featuring sound clips, pictures, quotes, downloadable movie script, forum and information about the cast and director.