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Trade and standards association for the digital publishing industry.

Blog sharing news and views on e-books, libraries, publishing and related topics.

A cooperative project to create a universal, open standards digital publication distribution format which will be platform-independent and capable of high typographic presentation quality. Suspended in August 2007.

Software for secure e-books. With information and demo.

Creates 3D web based E-books. Trial download is available.

Generates 3D virtual box graphics and e-book cover art in JPEG format.

Creates an EXE ebook. Product information and download.

Converts Html pages into secure, compressed ebook files in exe format. HtmEbook's license is free.

Software information, download, and support.

Compiler with encryption for eBook security and on-line sales.

Guide to publishing electronic books.

Collects and presents information about electronic books.

Argues that the evolution of e-book technology is related to the penetrating impact of networks and information technology on society.

An overview of e-book issues, based on a development strategy for the University of California libraries. [D-Lib Magazine]

e-Ink readers by Bookeen. Models covered include Cybook Opus and Cybook Gen3. Site includes FAQs, upgrades, option to contact technical support, specifications, manuals, general information, tips, advice, reviews and usage information for consumers.

e-Ink readers. Site includes product information, purchasing and technical support.

Sells an e-Ink reader, apps for mobile devices and associated ebooks. Site includes FAQs, firmware upgrades, option to contact technical support, specifications, manuals, documentation and usage information for consumers.

Android 2.3 tablet with 7-inch capacitive touchscreen. Site includes FAQs, upgrades, technical support, manuals and specifications.

Daily news on e-readers, including comparison reviews, how-to guides, e-book recommendations.

Contains reviews about e-Readers and electronic books, read e-Reader reviews and how to choose the best e-Book reader device.

Guides user in choosing which e-reader to buy. Suggests factors and alternatives to consider.

e-Ink readers and tablets. Site includes FAQs, upgrades, manuals, general information, and forums.

An application for the PalmOS, PocketPC, OS X, Android, iPhone/iPod Touch and Windows platforms for reading ebooks in the proprietary iSilo format. Site includes FAQs, upgrades, option to contact technical support, specifications, manuals, and forums.

A commercial application which displays FlipBooks, a proprietary format, in a web browser. Site includes sample Flipbooks.

A shareware utility for the Casio pocket viewer.

A freeware tool that includes various works as well as a personal library manager, bookmarks manager and on-line library browser.

A shareware reading tool for the Windows platform. Can open and format almost any large text file.

A freeware reader available for download, features a book-like two-page form, which can open zip-files directly. Available for the Windows platform.

GPL e-book reader for many platforms. It supports formats such as txt, .html, OEB, FB2. Includes downloads and screen shots.

Open source reader for mobile phones with Java support. Web site includes a detailed presentation, an online manual and screenshots.