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Offers a M.C.A. program. Contains course, student and alumni information.

Includes academic programmes, research, faculty, infrastructure, events and alumni.

Engineering and management college. Offers a bachelor of technology in computer science and IT.

Department of Computer Science. Research areas include algorithmics, distributed systems, multimedia, image processing, information systems, logic programming, databases, musical informatics, and semantics of programming languages.

A joint research institute of the University of Helsinki and the Helsinki University of Technology. Research focuses on mobile computing, digital media convergence and digital economy.

A research centre in Computer Science for the three universities in Turku. Research groups covers algorithmics, biomathematics, coding theory, computational intelligence for business, information systems, advanced management systems, probabilistic algorithms, software quality, programming methodology, applied artificial intelligence, strategic information systems planning, and mathematical structures in computer science.

Computer Science Laboratory. Research areas include parallelism, networks and systems; automatic deduction; Architecture synthesis and computer arithmetic; and models of computation and complexity.

Faculty of Computer Science and Automation. Research involves theoretical and practical informatics, bioinformatics, and automated system engineering.

Computer Science Department. Research groups cover stochastic modelling and computer networks, theoretical computer science, programming languages and compilers, databases and information systems, system software and distributed systems algorithms and data structures.

Institute of Electronics and Computer Science. Research laboratories: Digital Alias-Free Signal Processing Laboratory; Timing Measurement Laboratory; Sampled Signal Conversion Laboratory; Mixed Signal Processing Laboratory; Microprocessor System Laboratory; Logic System Modeling Laboratory; Computer Network Management Laboratory; Application Specific Remote Data Processing Laboratory.

A national infrastructure for high-performance computing (HPC), with a leading edge computer system at NTNU and several alternative systems at the Universities in Oslo, Bergen, and Tromsø.

A non-profit research organization specializing in real-time computer and network architecture; and software methodology and human-machine interaction for distributed systems.

Part both Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University. Staff, courses and research information.

Part of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zürich), the SCSC provides expertise and high-end computing resources for Swiss universities and collaborates in research and development with academic and industrial groups in Switzerland, Europe and abroad.

The Computing Sciences Accreditation Board and Computer Science Accreditation Commission officially accredit academic programs in Computer Science in the United States. Not every respected university program is accredited, but those that are tend to be proud of it.

Features a sorted ranking of academic departments in computer science in the United States.

Computer Science Department: bachelor degrees in computer science. Prime research focus is high performance computing.

Department of Computer Science - Jonesboro, Arkansas

Searcy, Arkansas

Terre Haute, Indiana

Graduate program offers M.S. degree in Applied Computer Science with Two specialization areas: Database concentration and a General concentration. Also a B.S. degree in Computer Science/Information Science. Frostburg, MD.

Course, admissions, and faculty information, also department research information, groups, and technical reports online. Home pages for faculty and grad students only. Boston.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Provides overview of department, listing degree options, programs of study, course descriptions, and news updates.

Computer Science Department. Course and faculty information, job and internship listings.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) - Rochester, Michigan

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. Information on courses.

Details of computer science programs.

Department of Computer and Information Science

Division of Computer Science. Kirksville, MO.