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An IT discussion forum aimed at IT professionals.

Provides help and support for computers, software and hardware problems.

Discussion of server administration and setup, hardware and software configuration, and operating systems.

An abandoned forum with archives of solutions to many computer problems.

A forum discussing computers with an emphasis on hardware upgrades.

A technical support site which answers general computing questions of home users.

Acquire help with a specific problem and receive expert tutorials in a forum.

Hosts message boards on file sharing, distributed computing and software development, also offers the last version of BearShare which was developed as a Gnutella client.

A forum containing topics on general computer topics, web development, and extensive discussion on software development.

Focuses on answering computer, security, and networking questions asked by the novice users.

Forum providing tech support to home users in the areas of hardware, software, and networking.

A forum supporting general Windows issues for novice users.

A forum for discussion and assistance in the areas of security, hardware, and software.

General discussion with emphasis on computer technology, programming, and gaming.

Technology discussion, and buying/selling threads for hardware.

Unofficial user to user support for products made by these companies.

Discussions about things related to PC security, and general software and hardware queries.

Offers computer help, discussion, and tricks for operating systems, as well as html and graphics design.

Pakistani computer discussion boards including tutorials and advice. Includes additional boards for discussing Islam and Urdu poetry.

Subjects covered include general hardware and software discussion, gaming, mobile phones and technical support.

Message boards for discussions on certification, training and technical matters.

Provides boards for discussions on hardware, software, gaming and buying advice, and a bazaar for classified listings.

Discussions include computer repair, help and security, networking, operating systems and hardware, and gaming and technology.

Topics covered include PC building, software and gaming.

Provides discussion boards for gaming, software, graphics cards and general PC related topics such as modding and overclocking.

Message boards hosting discussions on operating systems, gaming, website design and gadgets.

Provides boards to discuss operating systems, hardware and support.