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Grants certification in telecommunications, electromagnetic compatibility and electrostatic discharge control. FCC commercial license exams also administered.

NARUC is an association comprised of the Commissioners from utility regulatory bodies in each state (i.e., Public Service Commissions (PSC), Public Utilities Commissions (PUC)

Canada's only professional association of independent telecommunications consultants.

Full-service trade association representing providers of communications and information technology products and services in the global marketplace.

ATIS is a membership organization that provides the tools necessary for the industry to identify standards, guidelines and operating procedures that make the interoperability of existing and emerging telecommunications products and services possible.

The Institute's purpose is to explore and debate critical issues in communications and their economic, cultural, social and public policy impact.

UK-based group provides information on mobile phone health issues, summaries of health reports, explanations of base stations and mobile masts, and planning policies and best practice models for mast developments.

An international association that is committed to affecting telecommunication developments throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

NAMIC is an organization which educates, advocates and empowers for the cause of diversity in the telecommunications industry.

(ITA) A non-profit trade association representing Indiana's telecommunications industry.

U.S. network of communications contractors representing a full spectrum of telecommunications services.

The homepage of the International Inbound Telecommunications Services for carriers providing international freephone (toll free)services, Home Country Direct services and other inbound services internationally.

Telecom industry association portal for telecom news, events, conferences and exhibitions.

Association serving Michigan's ILECs, CLECs, wireless providers, cable TV providers, and other firms specializing in the telecommunications industry.

A global network of specialized telecom consulting and service firms providing support to multinational corporations. Focus is on helping companies manage and reduce telecom costs.

Non-profit association representing small and rural telephone cooperatives and commercial companies. Member services include government affairs, educational and public relations programs and legal and industry representation.

International, non-profit association of service providers, equipment vendors, testing centers and enterprise users.

Dedicated to improving the business environment for the European information and communications technology and consumer electronics sector.

Provides call center management services.

Contact center simulation-based training program for customer service, sales and coaching.

A multi-service telecommunications bureau offering long distance or 800/900 business services.

Information site for the global call centre industry.

Web-hosted applications service provider of customer contact center solutions with integrated interface for all channels of customer contact such as phone, email and web chat.

(FR) - Offers IT support consulting services for value-added call centers of large corporations. Website in both French and English.

(US) - Specializes in skills training for call center agents and managers through various online courses and e-books.

(US) - Provides performance improvement, turnover reduction, training, technology selection, and management recruitment.

(US) - Quality monitoring services with live "panel" members. Provides feedback on the effectiveness of contact center representatives, voice response system, or speech recognition application.

(US) - Providing knowledge, experience, and counsel in support of call center services.

(US) - Produces customer relationship management research.

(US) - Provides call center consulting services focused on operational and service needs.