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Online web comic strip with a high geekdom factor about computer science, mathematics, physics and randomness.

Daily panel and story overview.

Weekly strip about little girls who are angry about boys, kissing, chores, allowances, parents, school, and life in general, by Lela Lee. With character profiles, message board, and merchandise.

This strip by Aaron Riddle follows the adventures of a turtle and his forest pals. Archived comics, merchandise for sale.

A daily webcomic featuring the slightly off-the-wall students of a Canadian high school. By Josh Phillips.

Cartoons based on actual airplane safety instruction pictures. By Taber. Regularly updated.

College graduates with varying personalities facing reality. Archive, FAQ, merchandise, character profiles, and message board.

Weekly humor strip making fun of spy stories and whatever else comes to mind, by Mark R. Largent.

Humor strip by Aric McKeown, about a time-traveler's bizarre problems. Also features the single-panel humor cartoon "?".

A cartoon of modern life as lived by a retarded otter, an alcoholic tiger, and two bears.

Home to the adventures of the Nuclear Onion and the Atomic Pea. Original cartoons, requires Flash.

Comic in which Anne Frank is brought back to life as a superhero to battle Hitler in the future.

Comedy-driven nocturnal superhero action. Features an archive, a forum and about.

Daily comic strip by Huw Williams, previously in the Purdue Exponent about life at University. Site features a daily strip with an archive, a set of character profiles and creator information.

Strip cartoon about math, science and geek culture.

Webcomic by Scott Meyer. Each strip takes the form of a "How To" guide.

Online comic by Mark Vallen about a bird, born in LA, who plots against humanity.

This is a swords and sorcery (and satire) comic strip. Think of it as a cross between The Lord of the Rings and The Simpsons. Updated daily.

Bazoobee with his friends by Dave Sperry.

Comics that focus on social satire.

An irritable flower takes on aliens and wheelchair basketball. Includes archives and merchandise information

An open-ended minimalist strip with muumuus.

British cartoonist, published in a number of newspapers. Includes cartoons from the Daily Star, Sunday Mail and Church Times.

Cartoons and pictures based on humor puns and wordplays on movies and books. Includes movies such as Forrest Bump, The Umpire Strikes Back, and Dambo.

A comic strip about a boy on a stick and a snake called Slither. By Steven Cloud.

Featuring the work of the cartoonist. Offers a daily cartoon and archives.

A weekly comic strip by Jason Nocera based around two struggling blues musicians.

Webcomic updated biweekly with a neurotic bull and a pushy bunny.

Story of three friends and their troubles with women. By Ramon Perez and Rob Coughler.

Official site. Includes desktop theme, message board, and an archive.