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How to take care of various types of pets. Includes dogs, cats, birds, rodents, and reptiles.

Includes information about dogs, horses, ponies and birds. Also includes a message board and pictures to colour.

A personal site advocating the adoption of homeless, abused or abandoned pets. Encourages responsible pet ownership by giving information and sharing their life example.

Find fun facts about animals and download coloring sheets.

Explains how to care for this small bird. Includes what food to offer and how to set up the cage.

Includes breed profiles, information about cat shows, information about careers and games and quizzes.

Includes ecology, distribution and impacts.

Includes articles related to feeding, grooming, first aid, and health. Also offers message boards and expert advice.

Includes information about cat health and illnesses, boarding catteries and books.

A fun site about the adventures of two real-life dog friends.

This website contains information about dog breeds, puppies, choosing a dog, dog health, dog care, dog food, training a dog, dog names and dog pictures.

Presents the true story of Joey, a Labrador Retriever, who was hit by a car and his will to survive the accident. Includes reading list of dog care books.

Articles on adopting and raising man's best friend, including puppy adoption, dog training and correcting common behavior problems.

Tells how to care for many aquarium animals and plants, large and small, ranging from goldfish and guppies to sharks and arowanas.

Learn what you need to know about setting up and maintaining a freshwater aquarium. Useful tips, photographs, and information about fish.

Describes their origin, basic facts and behavior. Includes care guide.

Features basic information about aquatic turtle anatomy, choosing a turtle, health and safety, care and feeding, and setting up a habitat. Includes resource links and a live video feed.

Find out how to keep spiders as pets. Includes information finding them, housing, feeding, handling, moulting and medical problems.

The story of the adoption of Dorina Vital. Includes pictures and guest book.

Article by a teenager describing his difficulty as the child of divorced parents with joint custody.

Resources, educational material and support are provided for young caregivers.

Information and support for young carers in Australia. Provides confidential counselling by telephone and includes contact details.

Provides information and support with details of local projects in the United Kingdom.