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Peer-to-peer support network for teens, including support groups forums, live chat, and articles on diverse topics including friendship, school, sexuality, eating disorders, bullies, and smoking.

Gives advice to teen girls on dating, family, fashion, friends and enemies, health and wellness.

Inviting questions on all topics, as well as featuring an archive of answers previously given by the volunteers.

Information about choosing a college, managing money, student loans and starting a business. Features a guide on how to use the site to plan for the future.

NTRBonline is a personal finance Web site developed for young adults. It covers the basics of money management and helps teens learn more about buying a car, paying for college, establishing their independence, and having cash for the weekends.

Teaches young adolescents to be safe nurturing babysitters with classes offered in over 900 locations. Includes testimonials and information for babysitters, parents, instructors, and coordinators.

Provides teens a way to keep in touch with what's going on around the world with other teens.

Driving rules and study guide with practice tests, animation, safety tips. For learners permits to CDL students and parents of teens.

Includes a useful manual of traffic signs.

From the Georgia Department of Driver Services. Includes general licensing, traffic laws, road signs, signals and markings, teen driving laws, and safety guidelines.

Features select articles from their magazine.

Features latest trends, dressing tips, an ask the fashion experts column, and fun craft projects.

Advice for teenage girls on personal care and related topics.

A community for young girls and teenagers where they can express their feelings about health issues and get answers to questions.

Empowers girls and young women of Silicon Valley to lead social change to create solutions to problems in their communities by providing resources and training. Includes organizations goals, events, and volunteering information.

Create fashion boutiques, enjoy dress up games, get an online makeover, or share your interests with other girls.

A Christian site for girls who love the Lord and want to serve Him!

Includes games, fun, and books for preteen girls.

Managed by girls, includes fashion dress-up and other games, pop culture quizzes, prizes, and creative activities.

Create a music video, browse the doll mall, play interactive games, find fashion advice, share stories, or join the club.

Girls learning more about technology through interactive website, camping and club opportunities, message board, fashion tips, e-pals, and current issues.

Online version of the popular print magazine for teenage girls. Has past issues, current issue info and subscription details

Provides guidance and a voice for tween girls. Over half of content is written by readers who star in every issue, no models used. Includes some fashion and beauty tips, a minimum of celeb talk. USA and Canada.

A magazine for girls and teens, with subscription information.

Submit your pictures to categories which feature pets, fashion, art and travel, BFF and jokes. Includes a Girl of the Week section.

An Internet magazine on being a girl.

The webzine especially for Hispanic girls. Articles about summer camps, sports, advice, and the Latino beat.

Talks about hair, skin, and make-up, dating, health, college, and career.

A magazine for teen girls with articles, blogs and forums about fashion and beauty.

Examines ageism directed against youth - from legal age restrictions to stereotypes in pop-culture.