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Provides examples of young people working with adults in their schools and communities on the real-world issues that concern them most.

An international effort to improve the lives of children everywhere. Find out how schools and individuals around the world can join together, hear the stories of children who have been slaves or refugees, and vote for different awards. Available in eight languages.

A large collection of biographies on notable men and women.

Stories, news and resources about Canadian women making history.

A Canadian who is a former teacher provides information on Americans who inspire people across the world.

Biographies, articles, fact files, quotes, speeches and pictures.

Short biography about the artist-teacher with a strong interest in color theory.

Offers biography, gallery, and inventions.

An essay by Terry Fenton on the development of watercolour landscape painting in Manitoba.

Features the life of an American Impressionist painter, photos of his work, a slideshow and links to related pages.

Presents a brief account of this 20th century Canadian artist best known for his portraits and landscape paintings.

Official site of Picasso Administration. Includes information of his heirs, rights to his works, biography, selected works and bibliography. In English, French and Spanish.

Brief biography and an image gallery of paintings.

Includes a biography, catalogue of artworks and chronological history.

All about the Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space.

Information on the astronaut and his missions.

Author and illustrator of children's books. Includes an author biography, book summaries, and photographs.

Biography, pictures, book information, opinions, competitions, opportunities for dialogue with the author.

Official site of the authors and illustrators of books for children, Mary Jane and Herm Auch, provides question and answer pages for children and aspiring children's writers and illustrators.

Learn about Brilliant Brits, Nessie, and How to Speak Chimpanzee on the author/illustrator's site. Find animations, games, riddles, and teacher resources.

Includes brief biography and full bibliography of the author's sixty-nine children's books.

Official site includes biography, illustrations, books, and a newsletter. Author of 'Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type'.

Provides biographical sketch complete with a list of accomplishments, calendar, and pictures.

The official site includes a brief biography and a synopsis of the book, "The City of Ember".

Author of children's historical books and magazine articles. Includes biography. cover art, and articles.

Author of teen fiction and young adult novels. Biography, reviews, list pf appearances and overviews of the books.

A brief biography of the author with introductions to her illustrations, including reports from her current studio projects and outdoor adventures.

Official site of the children's picture book author and illustrator. Includes a photo gallery, a list of his works and awards, and a schedule of author visits.

Award winning bilingual books for children in English and Spanish. Site includes list of books, biography, and links.

Includes information about the author and his books, including a full list of books and how he started writing.