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Contains information and links to events throughout Europe.

Ezine with a Dutch focus. Includes a sample of archived articles, school directory, events agenda, and photos.

A Capoeira resource of music, videos and images.

Features history, photos and links.

(ACSF) Located in San Francisco, California. Provides instructor profile, general information about the style, programs, events, schedule, prices, and related links. [San Francisco, CA]

Capoeira group based in Vancouver, Canada who have active branches across the United States. Features information, photo gallery, and a store to buy capoeira music.

Based in Oakland California. Contains information, pictures and class schedule.

A Dutch group taught by contra-mestre Vladimir Frama. Includes class schedule, a jukebox, chatbox, capoeira lyrics and contact information.

School in Tampa, Florida, USA with Professor Girino.

Capoeira classes taught in Los Angeles, USA by Mestre Batata. Includes links, a teacher's profile, and a photo gallery.

Discussion of style both old and new. Including original artwork and articles, information and events. Features class schedule and links. [New York, NY]

Description of style, training, gallery, events, merchandise, links and FAQs.

Located in New York City, New York. Class schedule, performances, instructor biography, pictures, and videos.

Oldest capoeira angola mester in the United States, Mestre Joao Grande. The NY based capoeira master recently received recognition form the US Federal government for his work in cultural and folkloric arts.

Mestre Curisco's group located in Washington, DC, with information on class schedules, upcoming events, and pictures.

San Francisco, California based Capoeira group headed by Mestre Urubu Malandro. Contains information on classes, events, photos and songs.

Capoeira group lead by Julio Monteiro "Rasta" in Vancouver, Canada. Classes, events, photos, history and links.

Capoeira Sul da Bahia - San Francisco is a San Francisco-based capoeira group led by Instructor Saleciano Ramos.

Grupo Axé Capoeira now has regular classes taught in Chicago's south loop, taught by Monitor Bambú under the guidance of Mestre Barrão.

Group founded by Mestre Lazaro da Bahia in 1995 and based in Orlando, Florida. Information about the group, classes, photos and video. Flash required. [Orlando, FL]

School with several locations in Florida, USA. Contains events, class times, online store, and related information.

Includes information on Christianity and Martial Arts, links, newsletter, products, and related information.

A youth and family outreach organization. Contains information about mission, biblical passages, photo gallery, video clips and contact information.

Official site offering pictures, contact and general information, and bulletin board. Teaching traditional Danzan Ryu Jujitsu.

Teaches Shiho Karano Kai. Includes membership requirements and email contact addresses. Located in Vancouver, Washington.

Details on this priest and Pankration school owner. Uses his school to reach out to others. Contains details about the school, books, style, and personal history.

School in Alabama teaching Shuri-Ryu. Contains FAQs, mission statement, and contact information.

Christian school teaching Warriors Bushido Kai karate in the Niagara Falls, NY area. Bible study and godly character are emphasized.

Christian martial arts located in Fayetteville, NC. The school teaches the San Kil Tang Soo Do style from a biblical perspective.

Christian martial arts demonstration team and schools located in Oklahoma. Evangelistic presentations and Bible-based martial arts training are available.