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Includes design plans with descriptions and pictures, decoration ideas, FAQ, photos, and related links.

Provides instructions on throwing, types and how they are made, and information on subscribing to the rang email list.

Tuning and throwing instructions, tips on corrective measures for accuracy problems, and an explanation of events from this retired manufacturer.

Offers photos of original boomerang designs, and the basics of catch and throw.

Member profiles for this German team.

Crafting and throwing instructions, plans, photos and links.

Lists websites organized by region and topic.

Member listings, event listing, and national championship results; in Danish and English.

Features FAQ, events calendar, regional contacts, vendor database, and crafting and history resources from this official administrative organization.

Sport history and introduction, local tournaments listing, and a photo gallery.

Includes images of many composite boomerangs handmade by Pierre Kutek. Also includes a selection of plans.

Includes photo gallery of different types and simulation software results.

Provides articles summarizing the aerodynamics of boomerangs and explaining the principles to build construct your own.

The club publishes magazines, runs tournaments, and in general promotes the sport and history of boomerangs.

Event listing with results, rules and the basics of constructing a boomerang from this club in England.