Searching in Work

  • A Adults (18 and older)
  • T Teens (13-17)
  • K Kids (12 and under)

Archive materials from ezine to help working people put in fewer hours for more pay and occasionally win arguments with the boss. Features diaries, stories, columns, forums, and other resources.

A worker's resource for custodial, janitorial, maintenance workers and other service professionals. Included are a message board, information on safety, floor care, maintenance and unions.

Test measures your likelihood/ability to be promoted. Your results are compared to those of other test takers.

A nonprofit organization with a mission to enrich and secure the lives of workers and their families through education, training and job opportunities.

Provides articles, links directories, books and resources for improving human performance and career advancement. Helps employers and employees with motivation, communication, stress management and other job performance issues.

To be held on Saturday, October 11, 2003 at the Pines Manor in Edison NJ.

Open to all former employees of Syntex and Syva.

Serving alumni and retirees from the193rd Special Operations Wing located in south central Pennsylvania.

Dedicated to those who worked at HSC-RDC, and the spin-off companies CyberFluor Inc and Kronem Systems Inc.

Psychological, legal, and other strategies for moving onward and upward from a verbally abusive or bullying manager.

A non-profit professional and honorary organization of arbitrators.

One of the largest law firms in the United States exclusively devoted to employee rights. Located in Orange County, CA, provides aggressive full-service representation.

Software that costs union and management proposals before, during and after collective bargaining.

Labor relations consultants specializing in multi-cultural and bilingual consulting, union avoidance, counter union communications strategy, management and employee training and coaching.

Products and services to assist management with campaigns to fight union certification and with decertification campaigns.

U.S. human resources firm specializing in civil rights, labor relations, and education.

Provides products and services dedicated to the solution of labor problems and positive employee relations.

Expertise in human resources, payroll, information technology and finance. Providing strategy, process and technology services to clients in the public and private sectors since 1992.

Company offering software support to the labor movement.

Web site hosting services for unions, nonprofit organizations and businesses. Free 'say union yes' email address available for union members.


Employees fighting cash balance retirement pension plan injustice through EEOC age discrimination charges, and lobbying Congress.

An organization designed to bring together all the Latin American men and women union members in the United States.

AFL-CIO-affiliated organization of black trade unionists, working to build black community support for the movement. Biographies and history, products and services, conference information, and news provided.

Information on public policy and legal issues regarding migrant and seasonal farm workers, including labor law, immigration, occupational safety and health, women's issues and access to justice.

A non-profit organization working to strengthen the labor movement through the use of music, art and culture.

Songs that helped build trade unions over the past 200 years. Workers songs, songs of labor, strike songs, picket line songs, songs against unemployment and poverty.

Information about the festival of working people and the arts in Toronto.

Provides state-of-the-art construction training to the men and women in our region.

Apermanent display of the contributions of Filipino laborers, local union leaders and other manongs in the social and cultural development of the International District.