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Discussion forums bring together those who study gender theory and the trans-community. Learn about queer studies graduate programs and teaching with instructional materials and a bibliography.

A transsexual psychologist critiques the psychopathology of gender identity disorder and transvestic fetishism. She discusses personal experiences and scholarly topics in psychology, neuroscience, and sexology.

IFGE is a leading advocate and educational organization for promoting the self-definition and free expression of individual gender identity, and an excellent source of transgender news and information.

Transgender resources and information. Ms. Davis is a transgender High School librarian who transitioned on her job in 1998. Gender Education Center is a Minnesota non-profit organization of differently gendered people dedicated to support, advocacy and education.

Boston and Boston-area residents working to eradicate discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression

Legendary TG activist and attorney.

TAW provides resources for employers who want to adjust their company employment policies. Transgender at Work (TAW) focuses on voluntary cooperation between employers and employees.

NGLTF refused to support ENDA unless it included transgendered people, and did a study with GenderPAC which found that "28% of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual people have been discriminated against based in part on their 'gender expression.'"

Safer sex information, resources, and outreach. Trans-friendly in general, and has been doing outreach specifically to the FTM community to find out what they can do for us.

Transgendered writer, musician and spoken word artist and activist. Includes biography, selected works and contact information.

Bridge is a writer of erotic short stories, is an actress and a photo model. She is most famous for her transgender-performances (English and German bilingual site)

Brian Lantelme offers photographic documentation and history of the Times Square drag and transgender scene.

Books, videos, and music targeted at the transgender community. Photos and drag show galleries.

Diane Torr, artist, curator, teacher, and drag performer in New York, USA

Artist-Photographer-Bitch. Holestar is an English Drag Goddess living and performing in and around Austria.

Masters thesis, ethnography of a group of NYC drag kings.

Washington, DC based entertainers. Includes biographies, show dates, and photographs.

The official site for her film, cabaret, and nightclub appearances.

New York-based performer and writer. Includes biography and reviews.

Impersonator from Las Vegas, NV. Includes booking and contact information, photographs, and weblog entries.

The website of the drag legend, entertainer, DJ and Fashion mogul Juanita More.

Stage and film persona performs in events throughout the United States. Biography, schedule and contact information.

Occasional comic strips drawn by a talented MTF, ranging from despairing to hilarious.

A San Francisco, California-based annual festival of experimental, documentary, dramatic and erotic films with transgendered themes, actors, or filmmakers.

Official site for this New York City band. Contains biography, news, event calendar, MP3s for the download, CD information, and press.

News, information, and references about transgenderism, crossdressing, and transsexualism.

Features female-to-male transsexual actor and playwright David Harrison. Includes photographic bio, plays, reviews.

Transgender educational week for MTFs, FTMs, and crossdressers. Features program book, daily schedule, prices, activities, registration, FAQs. Held annually in Provincetown, MA.

A monthly night club for the T* community and their friends. Located in London, England as well as special events around the UK.

An integrated online community portal. Magazine, community and lounge section; Internet TV, chat, forums, and contests.