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Online community for people who don't feel part of the mainstream. Hosts sites for individuals.

Series of tutorials designed to instruct the student on topics including sarcasm, prank phone skills, and writing scathing letters to the editor.

Rants, forums, photos, and links from these Canadian cynics.

A message from the CEO, and a list of things to remember as an evil overlord.

Call to action. Global effort to bring toys to children whose parents are deployed. Join the Bikers for Freedom Against Terrorism make the holidays good for children the world over.

Been in an accident? AIM NCOM is your #1 source for biker legal information.

Bikers help each other by sharing civil rights issues.

A Bikers rights watchdog group in Virginia.

Biker bar in Sturgis.

The Harley-Davidson riding chef who uses the hottest peppers around to cook his meals. Also galleries and motorcycle events featured.

A drinking club with a motorcycle problem. Plus links to other Weasels chapters throughout the world.

Buddy and Joanne. Bikers from Fort Worth, TX.

Harley-Davidson chat and technical forums, California biker event photos, news.

Custom motorcycle building, painting and pinstriping. Discontinued Toyota factory stripes for trucks and 4Runners. T-shirts for sale and pics from rides and events.

Ireland's premier motorbike discussion group forum with bikers garage and free picture hosting. The message boards are free to join.

A comic strip made by internet chatters, for internet chatters, using an internet chat program (MS "Comic" Chat). Unintended social commentary on cyber-living.

Place where the real and the virtual meet.

A participatory self-adaptive website, where the content is contributed by its users. Where science fact meets science fiction.

Respects the individuals, their intelligence and their privacy; it's an open forum for thoughts and debate.

Research site that is primarily concerned with how humor and humanity are conveyed online.

Official site of the book by David Weinberger. Includes the entire text of selected chapters, and reviews.

A container for the digital stuff of internet culture.

Annual technology convention supported by Lockergnome Inc. Includes information about the keynote speakers, news updates, how to get there, online registration and discussion forums.

Software for converting English to hackerspeak.

Translates text messages to and from chat lingo.

Artistic creations inspired by a sign for a lost frog.

Random images with hand-drawn eyes and usually biting teeth added to them.

Features captioned pictures of cats.

Blog post that explores the lolcat phenomenon and translates screen captures from the original Star Trek series episode "Trouble With Tribbles" into lolcat.

Meta humor on the lolcats phenomenon.