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Political and economic proposals based on transparent markets, global and universal telematic currency, and basic income.

A gateway to original texts and documents on panarchy, polyarchy, and anarchy in English, French, Italian, and German. Includes related libertarian and anarchist links.

Promotes a voting system giving more weight to votes of poorer people.

Advocates ranking candidates on election ballots, with the goal of eliminating the 'wasted' vote or 'spoiler' candidacy.

A centre for collaborative development of proposals for the reformation of government, legal systems, economic and trade structures and school syllabuses

Advocates "the multiplication of centres and the empowerment of people - going beyond the ideologies of statism and capitalism."

Presents a constitutional framework applying the rational self-interest model and the market mechanisms of modern economics to intra and inter-governmental behaviour, based on a paper published by the Fremskrittspartiets Utredningsinstitutt.

Network of sites with propositions for reform in education, health, government, and other areas.

Collecting and sharing concepts, ideas and information about empowering the governed to self-determination. Offers a large list of sites which propose various means to more democratic systems.

A proposed new system to shape the future of civilization through application of systematic planning processes that involve direct public participation, from an anynomous urban planner's perspective.

The threefolding aims to achieve constitutional reorganization of society and an accurate allocation of social phenomena, through the concept of a differentiation of society into the fields of cultural sphere, economic sphere and rights sphere.

A proposed system featuring a career "politician class" and popular party, influenced by Plato, Marx, democracy, and other philosophies.

A political movement of Belgian origin advocating basic income as a next step in the social development of countries.

Promotes a "Just Third Way" between capitalism and socialism, inspired by economist Louis Kelso.

Includes quotes, lectures, bibliography, book reviews, papers, and downloadable books about the political-economic ideas of Louis Kelso.

Basic information on the Humanist Movement, an international organization focusing on this world.

Publisher of books about the humanist movement.

Articles and discussions from around the world arguing that feminism, feminist theories, and women's rights issues are important to the anarchist movement. Includes links to books, magazines, poems, and women's prison support.

Official homepage of this Irish platformist group, with publications, statements and position papers. Includes articles from the newspaper Workers Solidarity.

Posters and other content for the Industrial Workers of the World, and for the anti-globalization and anti-war movements, courtesy of the Denver/Boulder General Membership Branch, I.W.W.

Picture of demos against the G8 in Geneva. May and June 2003.

Information about actions and events planned for the Mayday 2002 celebrations in London including Festival of Alternatives.

News, information and analysis about Transforming Columbus Day and protesting the Denver Columbus Day Parade

Guide to online anarchy.

Meeting space, bookstore, and zine library. Event calendar and information about other East Bay programs provided.

The international journal of Inclusive Democracy. Edited by Takis Fotopoulos

Back issues, essays, and items from the current issue of the long running magazine.

An excellent journal on all facets of anarchism, published in Baltimore, Maryland.

Anarchist-communist site with documents in many languages, plus news and events listings.

A quarterly journal published by the International Network for Inclusive Democracy