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Ranking of graduate programs at English-speaking institutions based primarily on the quality of faculty, by Brian Leiter of the University of Texas at Austin.

Department of Philosophy - Offers programs in Dutch and English.

Composer, Thomas Becker's ideas about beauty and quality in music.

Exploring virtual reality and the philosophy of art, with methodology, biography, and essays on virtuality.

The official web site of the American Society for Aesthetics, this site is for anyone interested in philosophy of art, art theory or art criticism.

Contact details, events, calls for papers, and news and research bulletins. Pictures and resources for the annual conference.

The official web site for the home of AE, the Canadian Aesthetics Journal, and playground for all those interested in philosophy of art, art theory or art criticism.

Society for empirical studies of aesthetics and of the arts, literature, and music.

Nonprofit journal for the arts published twice annually by graduate students at the Department of English, Purdue University.

Electronic journal of philosophy devoted to the analytical tradition, broadly construed. Includes online issues, information for submitters.

An open forum for theory exchange.

Discussion forums on philosophy, social sciences, natural sciences, and religion as well as an outlet for member-written essays.

Philosophy talk show. KCSB 91.9 FM

A small forum for the discussion of philosophy and the arts. Home of the armchair philosopher.

Discussion on religious topics including Judaism, Buddism, Christianity, even atheism.

Discussion forum covering philosophy, history, media, literature, science and religion.

This forum divides its discussion into two dozen philosophic topics. These topics are not the traditional philosophic categories, but address specific questions and issues.

Open discussion forums arranged by major categories of philosophy.

The Seminar on Phenomenology and Hermeneutics investigates central texts in phenomenology and hermeneutics.

Professional organization supporting philosophy inspired by continental European traditions. Call for papers, events calendar, and organization information.

Existentialist resources with notes and commentary on individual thinkers.

Drawing on the Gadamer's "Truth and Method," Jeffrey F. Bullock, explores a way of developing a homily "that is a process of ongoing conversation rather than a method of retrieval and/or representation of biblical texts."

Poking fun at just about everything, this site showcases some unusual media work, and offers a sardonic world view.

History, news, people, and links.

Organization for study of nihilism.

Indo Pacific Journal of Phenomenology

Comprehensive index of philosophy-related links.

Links in areas including aesthetics, determinism, epistemology, existentialism, objectivism, pantheism.

Articles and online resources on confucius and the history of Confucianism.

Dr. V. George Mathew, Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Kerala, presents the main concepts of Indian psychology in historical perspective and comparative light.