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E-mail and street addresses for various celebrities. Send messages to your favorite stars. Membership required.

Browse archive or use the search engine to obtain celebrity addresses and contact information. Examples of autographs received and success rate of return responses is discussed.

Access to over 12,500 celebrity addresses. Membership fee required.

Mailing or email addresses for various celebrities. Also, links to celebrity websites, and upcoming autograph, conventions, and signings.

Features a live database of celebrity addresses available for purchase online.

Information on the homes and neighborhoods where some celebrities live.

Includes free celebrity addresses, emails, and official web sites.

Links to sites dedicated to celebrities.

Links to well known people from the fields of entertainment, ecology, film, history, music, art, politics, science, and television.

Profiles and related data on many famous people categorized by their affiliation. The online compendium of "What Ever Happened To" or "Where Are They Now?"

Celebrity contact database for the media and entertainment industry. Contains more than 30,000 official agent, manager and publicist contact details. Subscription fee required.

Links to the official sites of forgotten celebrities like Gary Coleman, Kurt Cameron, and Debbi Gibson.

A light-hearted "where are they now" style directory of formerly popular celebrities and the downfall of their careers, driven by user contributions.

A photographer shares his experiences with meeting celebrities. Includes photographs of the famous and information on London film premiers. Mark Boardman's entertainment news site.

Find your most compatible celebrity love.

Society news and party pictures of the rich and powerful.

Dedicated to the news and views of Liberal minded celebrities from all platforms of the Arts.

Provides magazines and newspapers across the world with the latest news, interviews, and gossip from Hollywood. Features selections of their published articles.

Cultural news from Europe with articles, interview audio clips, and profiles. Created by Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster.

Provides news, reviews, and interviews with the stars from the world of music, movies, and fashion. Related links.

Features in-depth RealAudio interviews with authors and celebrities.

News, reviews, and special story features on late 1950s and early 1960s celebrities, music, movies, and television. Related links.

Videos of Hollywood lifestyle, music, fashion, after-hours, news and gossip, celebrity photos, trailers, TV and movie star interviews.

Gossip and news from the supermarket tabloid.

Celebrity fashion, news, and gossip exclusives.

Celebrity news, reviews, interviews, and comical distractions, written with satire.

News and gossip about celebrities with photos.

Sarcastic commentary about celebrity and entertainment news.

Celebrity news with pictures and videos, advice, rankings and profiles.

Celebrity style blog with pictures and beauty news.