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Robin J. Lee's research on maritime and air power and emergent threats, plus links to related resources.

Military, Defence and Strategic Affairs News, Forums and Gallery

Provides photocopies of out-of-print, nonclassified, public domain military manuals and books when requested by libraries and individual researchers.

Resources and information on military yearbooks, along with digital yearbook downloads, an extensive boot camp photo gallery, and forum.

Supplies manuals and books on historic U.S. military vehicles.

The history of a US Army Air Force Troop Carrier during World War II.

Lists books portraying children with parents in the U.S. Military.

Specializing in rare books, out-of-print books, used books, secondhand books, relating to military history of all periods.

A photographic story of life in the US Navy Seals.

The International War Veterans' Poetry Archives (IWVPA) contains writings by veterans,their families,friends and supporters dedicated to all warriors who paid the supreme sacrifice during conflict.

Poems about the war in Vietnam describing rice paddy ambushes, helicopter assaults and the anxiety of operating amongst the ever present threat of mines and booby traps.

Privately owned, open to the public web site for submitting military related poetry and graphics.

Describes a computer program that enables rapid planning and optimization of Air-to-Air Refuelling operations for military Tanker and Receiver aircraft.

Research and reproduction of military USAF, USAAF, USN and USMC aircraft accident reports and photos of airplane crashes and mishaps.

Dedicated to military transports, aerial tankers, and fixed-wing gunships. Contains more than 2,500 photo images, detailed fact sheets and aircraft diagrams. More than 100 different aircraft are represented.

Dedicated to the aircraft and those who flew or supported them. Includes membership and reunion information, photographs and links.

A compilation of aircraft photos and stories.

Home of the International Brotherhood of Naval Flight Engineers. Patches, news, P3 manning conference, FE shop, aircraft mishap stories, photos, flight engineer store, and humor.

Aircraft models for sale.

Images of related patches.

The Aero Union Corporation RADS II-modified P-3 Orion / L-188 serves as firefighting tanker.

Images, stories, newsletter, combat journal book, and multimedia.

Line art drawing, and list of the aircraft variations and designations.

Navy and Marine Corps aviators who flew all models of the Douglas AD Skyraider. Includes photo albums, lists of U.S. Marine and U.S. Navy squadrons that flew the Skyraider, patches, related links and reunion information.

History of NAF and VX-5, including A-4 Skyhawks, by someone who served there.

Explanation and diagrams of the Skyhawk's angle of attack system.

VA-164 Ghostriders flying the Skyhawk aboard the USS Oriskany and USS Hancock.

German language site offering history on the aircraft and its international operators.

Dedicated to the aircrews, maintenance and support personnel who knew the aircraft and were a part of its missions.

For World War II bomber aircrews, ground support personnel, and factory-workers. Includes subscription and advertising information, along with the table of contents for the most recent issue.